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October 03, 2015


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Karen Wichert

Ordered your book today! I'm looking forward to enjoying it and all your inspiring ideas.

Jenny Petricek

Can't wait to get my copy of this book! Congrats! :-)

Donna Watson

Congrats on your book publication... I can't wait to see it!

Lori D.

I'm so excited about this book! It looks yummy!

jan b.

Come March, I'll be anticipating the arrival of your lovely book along with the wonder-filled season of Spring. Congrats on the dream-come-true!

Anne Marie Desaulniers

I just pre-ordered the book! I already do storytelling with bead embroidery, and it's time I started creating stories with collage.

Elizabeth Hansen

Wow! Looks beautiful! Congratulations!

Susan Rix

Hi Roxanne, I pre-ordered your book over a month ago. Looking forward to receiving it! You are one talented lady! Thank you for the happiness you bring to so many with your art and who you are as a person! Hugs xoxo

Christine Connerly

Looking forward to getting my copy of the book for inspiration and tips! Glad I pre-ordered. It is nice to have something to look forward to.

Carol Kitchell

Hi Roxanne! I've pre-ordered your book, and am so looking forward to seeing it. I've loved your e-courses, so I know the book will be wonderful. Congratulations on one of your dreams coming true!

Catherine Hart

Found it! Pre-ordered your book, which I'm sure will encourage me EVEN MORE to join your workshop! Looking forward to seeing more!!
You inspire us all!

Leslie Perez

Hello. I just pre-ordered your book and am so excited. I wish it would be released sooner as I cannot wait to delve into the book and start the projects.

Leslie Perez
[email protected]

Virginia Jaquez

Hi Roxanne, I've preordered your book since it hasn't worked out to attend one of your workshops...still want to take one live though! ;-)
Congratulations and I so look forward to receiving it in March! Take care and thanks, for this opportunity!


Congratulations on your book. I just went to Amazon and preordered my copy!

Susan Lehman

Roxanne-- it is so very exciting that your book is ready! I have preordered it and cannot wait to see it! Your artistic sensibility comes through all of your writings; your blog is thoroughly enjoyed and so do look forward to your book.Sincerely and with hugs,
Susan Lehman

Faith Gaspar

Roxanne, so, so EXCITED for YOU... I've pre-ordered your WONDERFUL book.... I can't wait to meet up with you, so you can sign it for me.... lol... Love, Love, Love to YOU!!!!



Congratulations Roxanne. I know how hard you have worked on this. How exciting to see it come to life!


sorry........hold... :)


I just preordered your book and am looking forward with excitement to hole it in my hands to read and be inspired.


I preordered the moment I found out you were doing it! Can't wait to see it!

Mary Ann Lehrer-Plansky

Just finished with the pre-order on Amazon! Very exciting!

jill zaheer

Dearest Roxanne- I pre-ordered a copy of your book and am so thrilled to be a part of such an exciting time for you. Can't wait to actually hold it in my hands when it arrives! You will always be a special person in my life! love and hugs xo Jilly


i have pre-ordered your book Roxanne. I just love your art work.

Mary C. Nasser

Congratulations on your new book, Roxanne! So wonderful! Can't wait to get my hands on it an enjoy! You are such an inspiration! xo


I still want to come to one of your workshops, but a book (yay!) is the next best thing! I am so excited and inspired by your beautiful collages, Roxanne. When I recently shared with a friend about your work, she said I "sparkled." I am definitely pre-ordering your book though it will take months to arrive...so maybe I'll just have to give myself the gift of your online course while I wait. ;)

Dianne Thompson

just pre ordered. so excited. as you know, I love, love your style and now will be able to look at it everyday AND follow directions to make my version. woo hoo. Congratulations for all the work put into birthing your creativity into hard copy for us.

Chris Gray

I pre-ordered as soon as you put the news on Facebook!! Can't wait for it's arrival.😁

Vicki Barton

I have pre ordered your wonderful book and am certain it will provide hours of insight and inspiration. Congratulations to your organizational efforts too. I'm sure you found amazing treasures to use in new ways.

Kip Kozlowski

Pre-ordered it the minute you announced it!


I am sooooo in! You've worked so hard, I can't WAIT for my copy to arrive:) It will go down so great with many cups of tea:) So Proud Of You!!! Xo Laura

Pam Bailey

i pre ordered your book from Amazon UK as I live in England but it doesnt look like I will get it until april but I am. Sur it will be worth the wait!!!!


I have been waiting a long time for you to write a book. I am now crossing the days off the calendar until I can hold it in my hands. Thank you for sharing your art, your beautiful photos, and inspiring me to stretch my wings.


Beautiful expression of your art. I will visit your blog often, thank you so much for sharing your artwork with the world. I am so inspired just looking, taking in how much detail there is too see.♥

Glenda Hoagland

Roxanne, I was so excited to pre-order your book. I sincerely believe in supporting fellow artists. However, now that I have read the back story and see that this book was years in the making, I am super excited. Good for you

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