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May 14, 2015


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Donna Watson

Good news about your book... can't wait to see it... and your new path will appear before you.


My dear Roxanne, what a wonderful feeling to be finished with your book, that most certain will be on my wishlist as soon it is out. You have "born" your first book, and that must be so very exiting, dear.
Your pictures here, are as always so very beautiful, so serene, and showing nature in amazing ways . I always love to see, your table filled with nature beauty, and your pages and books with your gorgeous collages .
Hugs from Dorthe, and enjoy !!

Sharmon Davidson

Roxanne, reading your posts always inspires me. Your thoughts about the ocean a re pure poetry, and as usual your photos are gorgeous and inspirational as well. I hope all your workshops are going well, and I'm glad you got to take some time off at the ocean.


Soon your path will be clear ..... Oh Roxanne, it must feel strange to have arrived at the end of your book.... The precious "story" that you've nurtured for so long. Mixed feelings I'm sure. What a great title and such good news that it will be out sooner than expected. Quiet time at the ocean is just what you needed. Glad you took time out. Do it more often!


The ocean has been calling my name since I was a child living in Hawaii; I sure have missed it! Many congratulations on your new book, Roxanne! I look forward to seeing it next year.


Wonderful news about the book, can't wait, hope its out in time to add to Christmas list! Soothing photos. Blessings on your next journey!


ahhh. I can feel you breathe out relief! You've worked very hard. Now...you wait. waiting is good :) Laura

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