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September 17, 2014


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jan b.

So that was YOU who brought the lovely rain a few days ago! Hope you are having a fun-filled time in Petaluma. Keep dancing as we still need more rain.

Gaby Bee

I really love to see people’s work spaces and art supplies! Your your studio table looks fabulous to me. Thanks for the sneak peak.

Donna Watson

They have done studies and found that people are more creative with a mess around them... so make many merry messes!

Jackie P Neal

aaaah What a lovely mess it is!! Thank you for sharing!")

Gaby Bee

I really love to see people’s work spaces. Thanks for the sneak peak.
We´ve had quite a lot of rain this summer ... and we still do have! I will send you some rain;)

Sharmon Davidson

I love seeing what's on your studio table, Roxanne. those papers look great! I think I would probably try a rain dance if I was you - it couldn't hurt! xoxo


Your papers will look great on your journal.

Lynn Radford

Thanks for getting messy in your studio space and sharing it with us all. Love your light! :)

Ann Isik

Love the room and your work - thanks for sharing. I'm intrigued by the hammer and mallet. Hope your rains come soon. Your painted papers have a burnt look - on MY screen - is it the threat of fire rising up from the subconscious I wonder? Nice to meet you. Ann


Why did spellcheck change compared to coated in my previous comment? Makes no sense. Lol!


Heck Roxanne it's a lovely mess but hardly a mess coated to mine. Xo. Good luck at Art is Petaluma! I'll be in touch after oct 1!

William Charlebois

What a wonderfully creative mess! I wish my mess was so productive.

Tracey fletcher king

Your desk is beautiful and your work is simply gorgeous... A wonderful mix of texture and colour...


Ah it's such a pleasure to see your beautiful work displayed on your table. xox

Marjie Kemper

Great studio peek! Love seeing all your WIP.


looks like the perfect amount of mess and a wonderful project - love all those earthy colours.

Jen Rothstein

I love those pages you are working on! Thank you for sharing your table

Claudia Neubacher

Nature all around! What a lovely creative workspace!

Claudia x

Mary Ann Lehrer-Plansky

Lovely mess Roxanne! Please, do a rain dance as we need it all the way down here at the beach!

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

Ooooh those are gorgeous . . . love the colors which are just perfect for a nature journal. Stay safe and I hope you get that rain.


Roxanne, Lovely mess and papers.
I will send you some rain, it is Fall all of a sudden in Taos.
I have joined in the studio table post as well.

lin collette

I am not alone B-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

I'm really impressed with those papers. They look really awesome. I can tell you are a real artist, and not one who dabbles, like myself. You have a lovely, lovely studio with lots of light, storage, and greenery.

I've been following the woes of the west coast, so I hope you are safe from the fires. It's been hot here, too, but at least our fire danger is much lower.

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