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April 09, 2013


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Oh Roxanne it is wonderful to see some of our collaborative work here -- especially the pieces that you have recently completed that I have not yet seen. I am very excited for the opening and the chance to see all this work hung together for the first time.


Gorgeous All ...

You and Seth have a wonderful synergy going on!


It sounds wonderful and your images take me there. I love the work you and Seth have done and wish you the best on your show. I am transported to a cozy little room with a fireplace and a view of the sea with the weather whipping at the windows. Nothing like it.


Oh, and do I spy some eco-dyed wool and mica up there?



Such a beautiful post, Roxanne. I'm lucky enough to live close to the sea (the Tasman Sea, down in the Southern Hemisphere) and never fail to find inspiration there. Your work with Seth is stunning, I so wish I could see it.


glorious works! it will be a fab show....just wonderful, roxanne!

Kim Henkel

Oh what a delight to read (and reread) this post Roxanne. There is so much to see, so much to hear, so much to think about. I read it and want to tell you so many things...Beautiful creations with Seth - so want to see them in person!!! Loved the written description!!! Wonderful sounding classes and yes the beautiful ocean! All so delightful... reading it warmed my heart. You have been so creatively busy!

mary ann

Great post and I know that area...rain or shine it is a beautiful place for all things restorative!
The show description is perfect and the two of you will have a great show...congratulations in advance!!


After reading this post and thinking about my love of the ocean (and reading the other comments), I don't believe I have EVER heard anyone say they don't like the ocean or want to be near it. It has a pull that makes us love it and desire to be near it to observe its many sights and sounds.
The artwork that you and Seth have created together is outstanding, Roxanne. You are both so creative, making art that causes us to observe every little element on the canvas.
I think I will wish on a star tonight ~ a trip to the ocean might just be what I am needing to calm the inner storm.


Amazing collaboration! I love Life Saver..... and the rainy image of the sea.


Beautiful work. It all sounds like heaven. I miss the ocean so living here in New Mexico. I could sure use a trip to the sea. xoxo


Roxanne, I love your words about the ocean / sea- the art made together with Seth Apter-and your own beautiful artpieces-
you are so right , the sea is mending many a hard difficult thought,and refreshing our minds, for more beauty to be created.
Happy wednesday -Hugs,Dorthe


Oh yes... the ocean... mmmmm. What a great assortment of work, and the show sounds like its going to be great. Congratulations and happy spring to you!

JoAnnA Pierotti

Beautiful Roxanne. I love it all, the seaside story and all the art. The description of the show is perfect.

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