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January 07, 2013


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Loved reading through these stories about the threads that weave!


I admire you for organizing this project and for sharing so many thoughts from others.

I hope you are well!


Happy 2013 Roxanne! It is a pleasure to following this long and winding thread, one that not only the power to weave throughout an individual heart, but the capacity to wind it's way all over the world and *for those lucky enough to have the eyes to see, it is also the thread that unites and binds us all together!

Sue Simpson

Another beautiful post with words and photo's that speak to the heart.

I am so happy for you Roxanne. You spread love and joy and beauty, a wonderful gift you give.

Happy New Year!

With love,


Such a thought provoking questions Roxanne, one that has drawn pure poetry from all those who answer it!


Hi Roxanne,

I am loving taking this workshop from you. Your nature inspired themes resonate with me very much. sharing with the other artists is always a wonderful benefit to taking workshops and it is such a lovely group. and we are only halfway through so more to come. Yah!

Hugs Patti


A wonderful collection of nature pieces, and amazing artist and people.
I wish I could have been with you,too, Roxanne- being inspired and nurtured by you, and all the other fantastic artists.How exiting if I could have ben your student together with Joanna and all the other!
Hugs from Dorthe

caterina giglio

I know I have said this before, but we really cannot hear it enough... it is always such a beauty break to stop by your place for art, inspiration and spiritual nourishment... as always grazie... grazie x


Beautiful images and beautiful words.

Joanna Pierotti

Roxanne, what a delight it is for me to be under your wing. There is something really special about how you grab our hand/heart and take us into another place we (I) have never been. I am so appreciative and look forward to where we are headed in this workshop of yours. You add so much soul, I can feel it already in your writings, your videos, and your art. A big thank you to Seth for helping us cross paths. I can't wait to see what comes out of me through your guidence. your friend, joanna


Thanks Roxanne for sharing your collections. You certainly have plenty of them. They are all treasures to keep. I've been thinking of you lately. I'm starting a journal of my work. I have been collecting bits and pieces since I started here 8 years ago. It's now time for me to put them into a journal. I have two and a half years here and I thought I will take this time to complete a journal. Thanks again for your wonderful workshop. If you doing it again please let me know - Hugs Nat

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