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November 25, 2012


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such exciting news...what a sweet new year this is going to be!

I love the little black window encaustic.



Some wonderful stitching and collage going on here--your work and your environment seem always in synch through you as a channel of light.

So this is "retirement" I WILL REMEMBER that someday... life is adventure.

Have indulged in a lot of cooking myself lately. Wanting to try new arrangements and flavors and nourish others. Happy late Thanksgiving and Blessings to you on the Holidays.

mary ann

Great tour...Your work and your students work! Congrats on the Petaluma and all the other projects you have lined up...so nice when wishes and dreams start coming true!! Beautiful wing on the Curlew.

Angela Recada

Oh wow, Roxanne! I LOVE all the images, and the fact that you are teaching your gentle and soothing form of art to others. xo


Hello Roxanne and I am thankful for YOU!
So much happiness in this post~
Especially I am THRILLED about your Art is Love engagement, as you will be able to help others unleash their creative talents and learn about themselves through your workshops.

Thank you for your comment about my mom Lois, It meant the world~


Look at you shine!

Congratulations on being accepted to teach at Art is You. I have never attended, but I hear nice things about their workshops. You are an excellent teacher, I am sure, and I look forward to learning that first-hand in March!



You have done great things with your art !
Love ♥RINI♥


What an inspiring post. Congratulations on teaching for Art is You. I love your journal, such wonderful texture, I just want to touch the pages.


Congratulations for being accepted to teach at Art is You. Exciting times! Loving the layers of your experiment book and the quietness and soft colours in your first piece in this post.

Judy Shreve

Beautiful quote, lovely images - always inspirational!

Jill Zaheer

What a wonderful year you have had Roxanne and
even more exciting events in your future.
So much to look to- the gentle unfolding of a new
world for you to explore. Your wings are certainly open
and you are soaring. Beautiful work through your beautiful
spirit! xo Jilly


Congratulations once again on all your successes. You are a shining star and it is great to be able to see how you keep moving down your road of art and life!

Kim Andersen

lovely work as a result of quietude .... the encaustics have a softness to them that I just love .... and the portrait is elegant in it's simplicity ... you are a gifted artist and teacher - it is no wonder that your skills are in demand! Petaluma is a beautiful place - my best friend has an earnest desire to move there - perhaps she will be there in time to check out your workshop!

lyle baxter

love seeing all the things you've been doing! my favorite is your little journal with all the "trys" in it . what a good idea.I have a scattering of that kind of thing in a scattering of drawers. good to pull it together so that you can find a sample when you need it! If I keep it small maybe I can get it together! Time is always the problem!thanks for the inspiration!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz Magpie's Nest

It always feels like a beautiful feast when I come to visit you here dear Roxanne!
Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving...
we just returned from a week in Colorado visiting our son.
Brightest of Blessings to you and yours


wow, roxanne, beautiful, beautiful - everything!! LOVE the face on tissue paper... just love it all, really...

smiling, i am... : )



How wonderful that your dreams are coming true...teaching workshops, online workshops, exhibitions. So happy for you Roxanne.
I love your latest journal, with all your snippets of fabric, stitching, painting and all things beautiful. And encaustic...I love that far away, dreamy look.

Have an artfull week.

Jacky xox

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