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October 16, 2012


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Such romantic photographies you've snapped. But who can resist the nature, right? Love this season!


Beautiful images, Roxanne. Isn't it cool, how leaves in the rain get 'heavy' and stay 'light' at the same time?!

mary ann

Your rain looks so refreshing...rinsing the dust from stones in the garden. My you have been busy and busy learning new things! Best wishes to you in this venture of online workshops...I'll check out the flickr site!

mary jane dodd

i am so very happy to have connected with you, thank you for reaching out on my blog...
welcome to the rain, indeed - the meditative patterings and poundings... the stones in your part of the world are so gorgeous...
the workshop sounds so wonderful - i use that phrase in my work as well! for me, the thread that weaves is connection... perhaps i will get to take one with you at a later time...
and to find out that you do encaustic? something i have been yearning to try -
this is exciting!
be well -


i agree with seth... rain never felt - or looked - so good!! these photos are gorgeous, roxanne... and they capture the feeling of rain perfectly. rain (and all water) is such a gift.

i'm smiling seeing the stones... : ) and hey! soon we will look for more stones and shells!!!


Gwen Buchanan

Thank you Roxanne, I loved how your little birds frolicked in the rain. so sweet!

Angela Recada

What a beautifully poetic heart and soul you have, Roxanne, to always have such lovely images and words to share with us. We've had some very welcome rains here, too, and they do transform the fall colors magically.

And this line of Chris's: "If it looks unfamiliar and makes me slightly uncomfortable in its newness, then I feel it's all mine." I love that!


Thanks for the Flickr link Roxanne. I enjoyed seeing The Thread that Weaves through your students work.

lyle baxter

when I got up this morning I discovered that a tree on my street has turned the most gorgeous red! our trees are big and old! they could use some of your welcome rain if you care to share it. I've noticed that some of the street trees have just turned brown and are loosing leaves quickly! not enough rain. enjoy these autumn days!

Judy Shreve

Beautiful post -- and love how the connection of 'change' is the thread that runs through it.


Beautiful! You write with such clarity and direction. I love your posts, Roxanne. Glad for your rains.



Rain never felt as good as in this post Roxanne!

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