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August 27, 2012


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There is so much power and inspiration to be found in these words Roxanne...and in your special photographs. The question you asked seems to have really tapped into the essence of each artist, much more so then a traditional artist statement would. Thoroughly enjoying and mesmerizing to read.


Roxanne, I've read these two posts and found them beyond inspirational. They are informative. They are touching and spark many points of recognition inside me. I loved as I was reading them the growing reminder of the common thread that weaves through the artistic impulse, vision, and even the artistic imperative. I'm sorry I've been late to this question, but the things I've seen and read here have certainly made me recognize and own the thread that runs through not only my art, but my life. Thank you.


Thanks for your gift to us.
Collecting our words and making a community of the threads...

Leslie Marsh's response reminds me of my grandmother's blankets..

Your photos are esp. beautiful, and it is now truly madly deeply September! Whoo hoo! :)


WONDERFUL collection of words woven together by a special and sensitive tribe of people. Artists. ;-)

Happy weekend, Roxanne! and
THanks for sharing everyone's thoughts~


Another Beautiful! group of responses woven together here Roxanne!

I hope you can glimpse the blue moon through your fire haze. We too have fire haze, I actually cannot remember when last I saw a Colorado blue sky...terribly sad, I do hope the earth heals.


It's great to read what thread weaves through other artist's work, thank you for inviting me to be a part of this very interesting subject.


Such thoughtful responses!

caterina giglio

wonderful responses, and I adore the way each one reveals the artist so intimately, thank you... x

~*~ Patty

it is awe inspiring to read everyone's words...
definitely worth reading more than once...
I relate to the passion, Love and need to create and the connections I feel...
Thank you dear Roxanne for sharing your passion and heART...
Brightest of Blessings all ways


Thank you for gathering all of our thoughts in such an insightful two posts. These are the words I like to listen to very quietly,let them find home inside, and then translate them in pure appreciation for life, art, blessings.
Thank you for including me.
All these threads make my fabric richer, Roxanne :))

Judy Shreve

Roxanne - once again - a beautiful post! I love that many of us have not considered the threads that weave through our lives and art. You have opened that door and also shown us those threads that weave through each of us is also the thread that connects us all.

Julie Prichard

Thank you, Roxanne1 The thread is a mystery....i think that is what makes finding it exciting. :)

sharmon davidson

It's fascinating to read the responses of the artists in these two posts. Each answer is unique, revealing something very personal to each of them, but I see many connections among them, too. The strongest thread seems to be that pull towards creativity- the knowledge that art is part of the soul, and is vital to our lives and even our survival. I can't wait to read more... and hopefully a book someday.


Thanks so much Roxanne. I've really enjoyed reading about the threads that weave through the lives of artists.

Leslie M

What a wonderful idea and such beautiful answers! Thank you for including me! xo

lyle baxter

roxanne, again this week you have done a grand job of displaying all of our threads. thanks so much for including me! we must remember the thread that connects all of us too!

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