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June 16, 2012


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sharmon davidson

All of these are so gorgeous they make me drool. I just want to see them up close and touch them. Your gardens are just as sumptuous as your work!
p.s. A pesky question: what is a double-sided tri-fold? I'm trying to learn about books...


Inspiring, Roxanne. You make me smile :)))


While your early retirement may seem bittersweet, it sure seems like the correct path -- especially after our conversations when you were here.
I love everything I see here. Gosh, your gardens are beautiful, your words lush, and your tree spirit books are amazing!
Here's to transformation!



Congratulations on your decision, Roxanne. No wonder your post looks so colorful and happy! It's interesting to think of our journey in life, how one thing that happens, can change our destiny. I have a feeling your going to enjoy teaching big girls now. ;-)



Such treasures from the garden and such magic uses for them.
I love the lupins specially.
Horribly hot here --almost too hot to think.
Making all sorts of plan in my head for the workshop!


I am so happy for all your changes, it's pretty special to understand what you want and go and make it happen. You have gathered all the energies in just the right way and off you go!!!


Kim Andersen

My husband is a high school math teacher ... He lost his joy a few years ago and it was devastating ... But he had a miraculous year this last school year and the fire is burning again. For him, he had to reconnect with the kids ... The constant performance evaluation of both his work and theirs is a looming shadow over everything though. How do you measure small successes? When it seems it's only the monumental successes everyone is looking for.

Your workshop in Camano Island is only a short drive up from me - I wish I could attend - but my time is already carved out in July :(


Just wondering how you're doing. Here's a wish that you're doing fabulous!


So many adventures for you Roxanne. I think what you have posted here fits well with the expression...when one door closes, another opens. I wish you many, many open doors in the years to come!

Sue Simpson

Another beautiful post Roxanne. Your yard looks so welcoming. A treat to just sit and ponder in. As you move into this chapter of life, may your muse, your family, and your friends surround you with the beauty you share with so many. A true blessing.........


Hi, Roxanne!
Sorry to be gone so long from commenting.

Congratulations to you on your retirement, however bittersweet it is. I'm often struck dumb by how many changes make up the nature of living. I don't like change, and when it happens we're torn between regret that things aren't like they used to be and gratitude that many things are much better than they used to be. You know that you live in the hearts of those children you touched and taught. And isn't it great that you were with them in an era of a more personal touch.

Your work, as always, is lovely.

Donna Watson

Sounds like changes coming your way.. retirement from a day job will lead to more time for your art.. I can understand your mixed feelings.. I used to teach deaf children and there are times I miss all that even though it was also stressful.. but I am happy in my studio full time now.

jill zaheer

What an ocean's tide post- rolling in and out with all different waves. Beautiful photos, treats of your work, words of the nature surrounding your home and words of your retirement from teaching at the school to a new world of total Roxanne. Most special is the photo of you- reflection in a reflection! Wishing you the very best in your new window of life- I hope you are thinking that it is a time for opening new doors for you! xo

Angela Recada

You certainly are going through some major transitions, but it seems that a very inviting doorway has opened to you in the process. Your art is something you will never need to retire from, and your new workshop sounds so inspiring. I wish I lived closer. . . Wishing you all the best in this exciting new phase of your life, my friend.


The garden is always so you. So rich and warm. Love your reflective image, which goes beautifully with the excitement i hear in your "i can do anything!" sent.

You can do anything!
It was really nice to see you on Seth's video, too. Blessings on your new adventures. Retirement is an odd word, you're so vital and creative.

Enjoy your summer


Prettiness all round.

Time to relax and enjoy your retirement, I'm sure that you will put your new found free time to good use.


OH, exciting!
All the beauty you're showing us here,,,,,and your retirement. I took early also, and i've never regretted it for one minute, even though I was worried I might.
A very big decision,,,but I see you looking forward now, and not back. As much as you've been doing while still teaching, I can only imagine what all you'll accomplish now!
Have fun,,,all the best!


I found you through Seth's Blog, I liked your still-life so clicked on your link...wonderful photos. I too was an art teacher of 25 years and left early... I now have all the time to explore my own art and new avenues, it was bittersweet but now I have time for me.
Your workshop sounds like it will be great! good luck! pam


Beautiful post, Roxanne. Congratulations on your retirement and following your heart. Xo

Judy Shreve

What beautiful images and inspiring words - your self portrait so aptly displays your emotions at this time of transformation. I love thinking of you having more time for your art and teaching workshops - 'flowing with your muse and clear paths' sounds delightful!


oh roxanne, i am happy to read about the early retirement! i think the voice of your muse is True...

your 'tree spirit' books are wondrous...



It's not the first time I've heard that education has lost it's joyfulness. I hear it a lot here in South Africa as well as from friends in the blog world. When you teach mixed media art to a new audience the joy will return Roxanne. Change is never easy but I think you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Wishing you all the best for this new phase in your life. xoxo


I am sure your art will flourish and enrich your life--sad to leave teaching on a bit of a low but I am sure you will embrace what lies ahead. Jacky xox

caterina giglio

was so happy to see you pop up in my sidebar! always love stopping by your place for a beauty break.... that self portrait is wonderful as are all your images... it must be tough to take early retirement, but them art calls to us all... what a great adventure... cheers! xo

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