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May 06, 2012


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Isabel Augusto

I have had the pleasure of Leslie's company and all I have to say about what you wrote is: That's Leslie, for you!!!
These are the people who make life so much sweeter. People with heart, tender at the core.
So glad you had the opportunity to witness her!


Looks like a wonderful last day of your trip, Roxanne. Your photos are so lovely, it feels as if I was there too.


Is there anything more rewarding than meeting in person a long held blog friendship!!

It looks like you and Leslie had a fabulous time, I would guess you will be venturing to NY again and again...perhaps one day I can meet up with you there too!!


I'm lucky enough to know Leslie too!
She is a star.
So glad you had a wonderful time together
and here's hoping we get to meet and chat when you next come to the East Coast
all best wishes


Sigh...New York through your eyes looks so pretty and exciting. I've never been there but in my imagination it never looked this good. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Leslie M

Hey Roxanne,
What a delightful day we shared! I only wish it had been an entire week! You are exactly as sweet and joy-filled as I have come to know you through your blog, and I look forward to the day we meet again!


What a great series of images Roxanne. The joy that you must have experienced in this visit is reflected in this post. Love the photos of you both taking photos in the mirrors.

Angela Recada

What an amazing trip you had, Roxanne! Beautiful photos here again, too, as usual. You have such a magical touch with the camera. And it's always a treat to catch a glimpse of your lovely, happy face!


love the dueling photos of you and Leslie in the mirrors. you look so happy!

mary ann

Perfect last day in New York with blogging friend Leslie! I love the mix of photos from Cardinal to quiche. You have shared New York through your own creative eyes...a gift to us all!


Fabulous post, but then yours always are!
So many wonderful things you've shared. I adore that bird on the crayon tin,,and of course the heavenly bowls!
Seems so surprising to learn you don't have Cardinals there, so common in this part of the country.They are wonderful songsters, yes!


Well, you look absolutely lovely!
These photos are so... warm and organic!

I met Leslie over a year ago when she was out here to teach a class. WHAT a wonderful person! You and I are lucky. Yes we are.

No we just need to meet each other!


gorgeous Roxanne - every one
I too love that green
it surrounds me now - lace above, velvet below
with luck I will see Leslie next week!

xox - eb.

jill zaheer

What Roxanne- what a trip you had and what gorgeous photos these are. So artfilled and creative! Just love the lush colors and the decorations of everything you took photos of- including the beautiful bird! So happy again that we met in New York. You were one lucky traveling artist! xo

Judy Shreve

The photos are wonderful - what a great trip! I'd love to have some of those bowls - wow!
And the cardinal is one of my favorite birds - we have a family nested in one of our trees.

Amanda Jolley

I love your photographs, Roxanne. They just capture the essence of your surroundings in such vivid color.

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