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October 30, 2011


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Hi, I randomly picked up the cloth, paper, scissors with you painted mountains yesterday at the library. Now, I'm going to put everything aside and try some mountaings of my own. Watercolors are something I play with rarely and that I would like to devote more time to.

Pikes Peak is obscured by snow this morning but I have lots of pictures to work from.


Beautiful, inspiring, you are so talented in prose and painting...words and wonderous color.


Roxanne, this is lovely! My subscription lapsed and I haven't been shopping, and now I see that I'm majorly missing out. I am going out this weekend to get this. I love your story about the background of your article. Lovely lovely.


I am so proud of you!! It looks stunning, I can't wait to see it in real life. I love you so much!

Angela Recada

Now I really need to get my hands on the current copy of CPS! This is wonderful, Roxanne, and well-deserved! Congratulations!

jill zaheer

Congratulations on this wonderful article published in Cloth Paper Scissors in addition to the extra photo of your encaustic work at the end of the magazine. I waited until last night to read it- when I had special time to pay attention to all the beautiful photos, details and instructions. They were so terrific and easy to follow. I will definitely try it. Loved the masking tape technique which was new to me in addition to your creative stroke of adding the thread. Just super! It's also wonderful to hear the inspiration behind this soulful set of works! I am so excited that you got this spread published- so well deserved! xo Jill


I got my copy the other day and I love this article! And your post lets me see the photos up close. So nice, and many congrats to you Roxanne. Your work deserves to be published in such a wonderful magazine.

mary ann

Congratulations on this published piece! Your love of seeing mountains and texture advice will be a treasure. We are deep into Autumn now...the fall colors around your home must be lovely.


I'm joining the congratulations chorus, this is terrific!
I must find where I can get this. I've said forever that I want this magazine, but haven't acted upon the thought. I will now, as it sounds too wonderful to miss. Thank you!


Oh how wonderful to relive your holiday memories through the pages of this gorgeous magazine! The photos look amazing. Well done Roxanne!


That is wonderful, congratulations Roxanne.

di from di-did-it

Thanks for posting this! I will have to go out and buy a copy this weekend... it's a very good magazine and with your article in it, it's a must-have.


I cant wait to get the next CPS...congratulations Roxanne, it all looks (and sounds) wonderful!


Congratulations Roxanne. I just got my copy and your article and the art that goes with it is wonderful. Beautiful work and a clear set of instructions that I will definitely try out. Thanks for the close up shots in this post. Stunning!


the joy of your work, your writing, your life and the recognition...

i'll find cloth,p,s...and dwell.


Congratulations Roxanne! It sounds like there are so many things to love about your article. The writing of the travel story, your beautiful artwork...a way for you to remember this always and for US to be able to share it. I'll be on the lookout for the issue!


Your art sings to me, thank you.


What a wonderful treat for you--and your new readers. I remember the awesome photos from that trip too. Hope u r well. Have visited a few times but my name needs to be typed in new from wherever i am; hard on an ipod link. Enjoy.

Gwen Buchanan

I second the Congratulations, Roxanne.. your work is an inspiration and your story describing your trip is a precious memory.
it is so special!

patty biermans

congratulations!!! This is wonderful, I love the way you tell your story with your paintings! You must be very proud. Hugzz...peebee

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