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October 21, 2011


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Rabbit skin glue?!

Your photos are amazing, as usual. But not usual.
I think you contain inspiration!

Kim A.

A beautiful and thoughtful post .... So much to ponder and take a second look at. Trace Williams work is stunning .... Thank you for linking back to the etsy shop. The best work is hidden in deep recesses on etsy and quite hard to unearth without a good tip from a friend.


gorgeous photos! lovely assortment of beautiful things and marvelous writing too...

Rini Boer

Thank you so much for showing all the great stuff , I love all the boxes !
I wish that I have more words in English ;-)
Love ♥RINI♥


lovely pix. Trace's stuff is brilliant. we met when she was a student in my class and we've become [i think] good friends and
now i'm quite in awe of what she does...

amanda jolley

My heart races at the sight of old containers and vessels. What stories they tell!
As always, beautiful imagery.


Your posts are always like poetry. Your thoughts on subjects are deep and insightful. I love containers too but I don't have as many or as interesting as the ones you have. Lovely post.


roxanne, you are the holder,
the vessel with sensitive eyes and a deep heart and a mind fully capable of reaching into the world and synthesizing the beauty of its wealth.
we open your post and our eyes, hearts, minds are fed.

jill zaheer

Love your post Roxanne. It's so poetic in its charm and meaning. Fabulous photos with a freshness and sweetness that warms my heart. Wonderful stories about the items you've posted, how they were created- and of course, love your creativity in your 'places that hold things." One place you left out is "my heart" for your blog!! xo

patricia baldwin seggebruch

What a delicious post; thank you for sharing your wonderful images, but also wonderful thoughts~so beautiful.
I too have the joy of possession one of Trace's fabric books; I am working on it today-to fill the pages with my ideas and sketches :) I will have the joy of having her in a workshop in AU next spring :) and taking a textile workshop in which she'll be present as well thereafter :)))!


Places that hold things ..... You got my attention Roxanne and as usual I will leave here feeling inspired. The top image is beautiful.... I love old bottles and now I have dentist box envy.

lyle baxter

What a beautiful post and how intriguing! your entire life could be in one of those dental boxes! what a find! Also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your article in cloth, paper, scissors! The mag. came yesterday and was my "before sleep" read last nite! thank you

Olivia King

I love those old mailboxes too! Several years ago I worked in a facility for the elderly, which was nearly 100 years old. I worked there for 10 years, and almost daily distributed the mail to the residents in those old fashioned mail boxes! I wonder what became of them when the facility closed in 2005? I hope they are being used somewhere else!

anna neill powell

This is one of my favorite posts of yours. Time to take down the Paschal show, the end of October. Lovely language and thoughts for the fall and coming winter. ox


What a sensational post Roxanne. The images here speak to me and I can see why you have been saving them all for a post. Looking forward to visiting Trace's shop.

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