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October 09, 2011


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amanda jolley

Thanks for the mention, darling.
As always, I am enthralled by your encaustic pieces, and am noticing a theme of wings. Is this new for you or have wings been a longtime symbol in your art?


It's always really beautiful here, Roxanne. I especially love the first photo.
Your encaustic work is so smooth and luminous. Love it.

Veronica Funk

Your words & your images always inspire, lift & ground me all at the same time. And I'm absolutely loving your encaustic work as much as your original mixed media pieces, too.


You are totally inspiring...I love all your pictures: so mellow, so zen like, so awesome. Lovely sentiments and wise words always do it for me too. I'm off to explore your Etsy and your sidebar stuff :-)

Sonya Johnson

Thank you so much for the blog visit; I am glad I found your blog and will definitely visit again :).

What wonderful photos of your surroundings and your art! I love your encaustic mixed media pieces - just fantastic!

Fall is a wonderful season, isn't it? Too short, if you ask me, so I think we all try to make the most of it in whatever ways we can.

Angela Recada

I'm hoping you find the balance you need, dear friend. I love how you've captured the beauty of the fog in your photos, as well as in your encaustic pieces. The wax gives everything such a rich and mysterious depth.

Here in Wisconsin, I'm seeing different weather patterns, too, and some of the birds and other wildlife have changed their patterns, as well. Since I cannot stop the changes, I am learning to appreciate some of the beautiful things these changes bring. Slowly.


The encaustic was such a beautiful, natural progression for your work. It adds that atmospheric element...I love it! I have some damar resin that I hope to add to the beeswax and play with, this has given me inspiration for sure!!



So much has changed since my last visit here to your beautiful site, but the mood and the atmosphere remain the same. So peaceful and ethereal. I love the way that you view the world, dear Roxanne, and I am very glad that something drew me back here to reconnect with you, today. I hope that all is very well with you and your lovely family.



Roxanne, I'm glad you decided not to go in to your classroom on Sundays. Your art is far too important to push aside. Each of these images is an artwork and I agree with di about selling your photographs. Have a look at Red Bubble. The quality of the cards and calendars is excellent. A friend of mine sent me a few of hers and I was so impressed. I love the first one and the two torn out pages make wonderful photos.

di from di-did-it

Good for you for making time for your art (Sundays)! It's fun watching you continually evolve in your work. And as always, your photos and words are moving. That first photo in particular belongs on a wall. Have you considered selling your photos on etsy along with your other art?

Donna Watson

This is so Zen-like--- trying to catch a moment in time.. and such beautiful moments you have captured.


Such gorgeous images here as always. Happy to say that I am the proud owner of one of the encaustic pieces shown here. Looks like the autumn has been good to you so far and provided much creative energy.

lyle baxter

Good morning, we on the east coast have been having a good bit of fog too but then we've had enough rain for several states to enjoy! your photos are lovely. I have enjoyed looking and thinking about your part in them! thanks, lyle


What a beautiful post, your photos are always so inspiring.


Dear Roxane,

Thank you for accepting my request on FaceBook and with your latest post notifying me that you have a new entree on your blog.

Autumn and rain is not a combination we have here in Northern California, but last week we had two storms of which the last one left us with a good amount of rain. Though it is cooler, the sun is out and we are expecting rising temperatures. In many ways i am delighted we have had a limited number of 100° degrees, because i just do not do well when it is about 85°.

Looking at your encaustic work, I am very excited with what you are doing since your studies this summer. Personally I love encaustic and i hope to be getting into it at some point soon.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us.

Warmest regards,

Cris, Artist in Oregon

We are getting the rain you aren't I think. Altho today its lovely out. It did rain during the night. These are all lovely colors. I was thinking that the materials seemed to be more summer colors but as I look out my window I am seeing those very same colors in the trees and bushes and late flowering plants.

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