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September 20, 2011


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Ann Christine Dennison

It's been a while since I've been visiting, as usual your blog is a feast for the eyes. I love the wax art, your beautiful journals and all your photo's. All Such an inspiration :-)


Awesome, another Oregon artist! I found you through Seth's blog. Isn't he amazing? Love your blog too! Can you give me the details on the encaustic camp you attended in Salem? I never heard about it. :)

Sheila in Portland

Donna Watson

Love all your images.. and what creative ways to 'STACK' all your wonderful collections and nature finds.


Great Stacks!!! Today I was reading an American Girl book about Kaya, an Am. Indian girl. She builds a Stupas out of rocks adding something of her own (a feather) to the top. The Stupas plays an important part in how the story concludes. No sooner do I put the book down, do I find your fabulous sack post here! Great idea by Seth! Your stack of pansies is just exquisite!

Happy week to come, Roxanne!



Thank you for blogging about my eggs, and including a link to my store! Your arrangement and photograph is beautiful. I love it!


I do hope this 'stacking' idea comes round again since my brain was stacked with 'to do's' for this one.

Love all your stacks, your journals, the bottles...the pansies...lovely.

wen redmond

clever displays of the ordinary into art. love the bottle one bestw


love them all.

Angela Recada

Such lovely and creative stacks you have! I don't know where I'd be without all my stacks, either. Probably buried underneath something, I'm sure. Hahaha!


Roxanne! We both have stamps!! But I didn't stack mine so lovely. They are all in drying, dried, ready to dry, not ready to dry, and completely soaked mode. Stacking them would just complicate things!

I love your treatment of this challenge. LOOK at those herbs, shells, and my favorite, the first photo. You really 'Stack Up' HaHAAHAH!


Wow - you surely are an overachiever! And that makes for such enjoyment for the rest of us. Love all the photos, especially the bottles. Thank you, thank you!

Sonya Johnson

These are all so creative, and the photos themselves are just wonderful! Your journals and stacks of your mixed media art are just beautiful.

Ingrid Dijkers

Such an enchanting variety of stacks. Love them all, I couldn't pick my favorite if I had to!


Love your stacks Roxanne, so artistically arranged.

Bleubeard and ELizabeth

You have such a great eye for color and creativity. These are some really lovely and unique stacks.

alicia - altered bits

i am so in love with all of your stunningly gorgeous stacks. i had to look at each of them three times. the nest with the stone eggs is divine, your art journals even more so, and all the rest -- simply perfect!

April Cole

I have fallen in love!
Your "stacks" are beautiful :]
Thank you for sharing.

Jan LaFollette

Marvalous photos of creative stacks. Eye candy for sure!


Great stacks - how wonderful!!


Wonderful stacks across air, water, earth and the fire of the spirit! Thanks so much for doing this.

Vanessa Johanning

Ok can I come and live here!!?
each one is so wonderful!!
seriously I love your collections so much!! xxoo


donna joy

Great stacks-such a variety and beautiful images


Nice stacks! Yours are always so pretty. You have the best stacks.


LOVE your stacks! Great photos.


gorgeous...heavenly...lovely...i want more

mary ann

Great stacks...especially love the natural items, shells and such but then I also love seeing your work stacked...its all good!

Kelly Snelling

so pretty. a collection of collections to inspire.

Jenni Hoddinott

i want to shop with you at wherever you gets all your cool stuffs....


Love them all, especially the bottle stack!


glorious and lovely stacks dear Roxanne

always a treat to come and visit


You are a 'Master' stacker. That is pure poetry, thanks for sharing!!

Nancy Wethington

Beautiful photography and extremely interesting stacks!


Your photography is so juicy. I love the images. My favorite stack: the bottles.


gorgeous images and really adore your journals. but have to say my fav is the stack of rusty metal bits! wonderful!

lyle baxter

great interpratation of stacks! I enjoyed looking at each one! and at the etsy store where you bought the eggs! thanks, Lyle

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