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August 01, 2011


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Ann Christine Dennison

Congratulations on your show, hope it went well for you :-)
Love the way you are incorporating wax and wire together!

Sharmon Davidson

Your work is stunning! The translucent layers and beeswax give it a dreamlike quality, at least to me. It's so nice to see photos of the show. I adore Lynne's work, and seeing it all on the wall like that is wonderful! It looks like you all had a great time!


Beautiful! I think the beeswax is almost made for your layered textures and warmth, deepening a mystery. I love them. Love the crackle too. I suddenly remember you and Lynne driving together in a heavy snow storm once; it was an amazing image going into the white covered greenery... These images really bring us along, Roxanne. The bottom picture of you all together is really Wonderful. (Hi Lynne!)


Congratulations! And how fun this all looks! Your work is lovely, as usual.

mary ann

Celebrations! Lovely to see the photos of both the work and the opening...smiles, chatting, snacking and drinking and all too soon the opening over yet to carry away such fine memories! Congratulations!


HOw lovely! I just stumbled across your blog from Kate's Corner.... Our artwork is so different from each other. :) I really do admire yours and how much time and effort went into them. I'm glad your show was a great success! Please do stop by and say hi! deb


How fantastic!! to have a show with all these wonderful women, artists and friends!! It looks great and I can tell it was a great night.

I love the encaustics...I am having such a fun time playing with wax. One day I will have to take a class to learn how to do things the right way..until then I'm making my own way!


I just had such a wonderful visit with you ...You did a beautiful job of recording the details - and Your work reflects IMHO, a joyful soul .
thanks for the tour roxanne.

Leslie M

What a beautiful show, Roxanne! And I love your small works! Congratulations! I wish I could have been there.


jill zaheer

What a wonderful post to celebrate such an inspiring and magical show! Love your work and the details you've shown-a great trio of artists' work. Thanks also for giving us the feel of the show without being there. Just wish I could have been part of your festivities! Congrats on your sale as well!!

Crystal Neubauer

Congratulations to you Roxanne and to your friends on a beautiful show! I love your style, and love what you have happening with the wire elements and wax. Great job!

caterina giglio

would have loved to have been there in person ... but your photos make me feel as though I was... it looked wonderful and such a beautiful setting, congrats on a fab show! xo


Congratulations on a what looks like a wonderful show and a really fun time with your friends!
Love what you're doing with the wax! I'm dancing over here saying "I told you so, I told you so!" :)


The show looks wonderful. Wish I could have been there in person. Thanks so much for sharing these images of your paintings. There is so much soul and depth in all your pieces. The textures look amazing too!


everything looks so beautiful, rocky... even us... : ) xxoo

amanda jolley

Fabulous trio and looks like a fabulous show as well!

Judy Wise

Congratulations on a beautiful show and thank you for sharing your gifts of beauty with others. This is what it's all about. xo

Studio Sylvia

The artwork looks terrific - such a varied collection of artist’s talent. Congratulations on the success of the exhibition.

Angela Recada

Looks like you had a terrific show! Gorgeous art by gorgeous women in a gorgeous setting. Perfect!

Mary Beth

Lovely work!! Looks like such a fun time :) Congratulations.

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