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July 19, 2011


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Ann Christine Dennison

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!


Fantastic!!! I'm going to check out the links...I wonder if I could somehow swing a trip to encaustic camp???



i'm jealous...that looks like fun and its gorgeous!

Brian Kasstle

The class looks amazing! I sooo wanted to go! I am soo envious!

Keep inspiring in your amazing ways!

Thank you for sharing!!!


Roxanne, I am sorry to be so late here. I heard about 'exhausted' camp, and was jealous! But I cherish the fact that I a leaving this particular medium as a lovely mystery for me, enjoying everyone else's huge achievements and relishing the increasing popularity of wax, because your work is beautiful! And I love it that you were so inspired and filled with energy that you HAD to continue the passion at home!

Thanks for sharing these!


Oh I love the results of your day, Roxanne! My favourite pieces are definitely yours! I love the last one of yours but the bird and nautilus pages of your book are also just stunning. Next, a treat to see all your backgrounds, which by rights, are works of art in themselves and need have nothing more done to them.
Oh and thanks for coming over to my blog house and commenting on my in progress painting. I have a long way to go on it and it's definitely taking a surreal bent. I seem to be tapping into the tragedies that are occuring all around us at the moment.


Lucky, lucky you! I saw the encaustic camp on Judy's blog...soooo envious of you! The work you have shown is fantastic...what a fabulous medium and works so well with your art Roxanne. Beautiful book you made and loved seeing what everyone else has done too.
I've signed up to do the online class with Judy Wise later in the year...cant wait!

Enjoy your journey with this new medium.

Jacky xox

Ascender Rises Above !

i love these canvases with so much depth! would love to stop by and watch you make them.
i have been unable to toss some collage items so i started a journal of collage. sadly i am not able to put it down to begin another project


Looks like you sparked some invigorating energy to fuel this summer's new art. I am really interested in the "?" you use in the sentence, "I made lots of backgrounds for collages or ?. "

that ? sounds like you are open to all sorts of unknown unnamed possibilities to blossom. I like this!

beautiful flower image to find on the way.

amanda jolley

Girlfriend, I love your style.

mary ann

No guessing on these photos...everyone had a great time! I too love your choice of colors and your layout of pieces 'ready to go'. A wonderful adventure for sure!


How wonderful Roxanne! I'm so glad you had this opportunity because your work lends itself to encaustics. It must be exciting learning a new medium to add to your art arsenal, so to speak. Great post!!


gosh roxanne, i love your pieces on the table... so gorgeous!! and the colors of wax you chose - ahh!! i know this is going to fit in with your work so beautifully...

love you and see you soon...



This looks like a ton of fun! I have tried encaustics and I like it, but I don't do it very much. I may need to give it a go again. You book is lovely and so is your art bag.

di from di-did-it

Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! I've followed Brigette for a long time ~ love her work. I really like the piece you made using wax, plaster, tar and shellac ~~ can't wait to see more of your work with this new medium!

lyle baxter

I can tell you all had a wonderful time, learned lots and will be waxing enthusiasts from now on! it is so special to learn something that you can add to your repetoire! hope I spelled that right!

The Adventurous Art Teacher

How exciting!!! I'm so envious it looks like it was a fabulous workshop. I'm a follower of Bridgett's and saw her post about the workshop and wished I lived out west so I could go. Your new work really shows her influence, love it!

Jilly Zaheer

What an amazing opportunity for you- I would love to learn a new craft such as encaustic art and am so happy for you. Lovely work and what a gift to be at this camp! Very inspiring and look forward to seeing all that you do with your learnings! Thanks for sharing the work of your classmates as well! Just super!


oh, and the crow panels were created by Sue Stover. Wonderful,right?


Roxanne! It was so great to meet you and see your work in person. It is just as beautiful as I imagined- even better! I love that little bird panel and I remember exactly how it developed, which makes it even more magical. If you ever have any questions please keep in touch! Thank you so much for joining us at EncaustiCamp, it wouldn't have been the same without you.


Beautiful work you did and the camp sounded like fun. I had a chance to take a class with Trish and enjoyed it so much too.


This looks like it was an inspirational adventure. I love all the work you have created -- the textures look amazing. Seems like you have learned a lot and I bet this workshop experience will have a big impact on the work you create in the future.

Angela Recada

How wonderful! I'm so happy for you, that you had the opportunity to go to this! Everyone's art is absolutely gorgeous.

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