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July 09, 2011


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I would like to add that the No Wake pictures are well known by surrounding Whales area.

Leslie M

Your photos are wonderful, and it amazes me how much a vacation to the beach on the west coast is similar to a vacation to the beach on the east coast.

Your stitched books are so interesting too. I also have Drawn to Stitch. It's very inspiring!



Gorgeous photos and I can feel the peace and beauty from them just by looking. Glad you had a nice time. I keep looking at that book on amazon too and it looks cool so i may have to move it to the cart soon. ;)


What a wonderful trip...oh to be within driving distance of the ocean! I love all your photos, especially the underside of the bridge.

Can't wait to hear how your encaustic class goes...I'm playing with wax, not knowing what I'm doing but the results are exciting.

thanks too! for the shout out link :)


love your stitch pages, the layers and the loose threads adding the space around the page to the composition. The photographs are wonderful, too. The top one is magic.

Roofing sounds can sure grate on the nerves. We took a roof off to expand once, the sound of nails being pulled from the rafters hurt, they cried!

the beach is so good for soul...enjoy your workshop.


Seeing your vacation through these images is quite beautiful and relaxing. It looks like a wonderfully natural and rugged place. Your stitched pages in your book also strike me as natural and rugged. Thanks for the links and for helping to spread the word about Style File.


Roxanne, your pieces are always a highlight of the pulse and I smile when I see them. Do you not LOVE the Oregon coast? Oh, I want to get back up there.

mary ann

Wonderful photos of your trip to the beach...I love the bridges of Oregon!
Also love what you are doing with stitching! Best fun at the encaustic camp with all the favorite blogesphere instructors...you are having a great summer!


I'm pining for the ocean! Thanks for the virtual visit. Love the photo of the bridge, stunning arches.


Lovely post, and your photos of the ocean are breathtaking. I wish I were there. Looks like you had a wonderful, relaxing vacation.
Thanks for the exciting links.

The Adventurous Art Teacher

Looks like you had a heavenly vacation. I'm really enjoying the stitch work in your sketchbook.

lyle baxter

the photos are wonderful!I would so love to see your part of our world in person! maybe in my next life! love your stitched work. doing that must give you more time as you stitch to think about what you are saying! keep on stitching! and please show us the finished product! thanks!


Your stitched book looks awesome! For some reason I'm totally drawn to stitched pages. Hope the roof repairs don't drive you up the wall. Enjoy your encaustics class....Lucky girl!

Jilly Zaheer

Thanks for the wonderful journey to the oregon coast. Roxanne- Such a lovely looking vacation spot- and so glad you two got to spend some time alone together. Your photos, as always are stunning- just want to take a walk along that beautiful beach now and see that shimmering ocean with the coastal breeze blowing upon my back. Your stitched pages look wonderful- had no idea you were working on this. I like to sew and had actually used a bit of thread for our Innerworks Collab. You may have just inspired to to make some stitches come alive in my next artwork!! Enjoy your week!


'come to the ground' is looking GOOD, roxanne!! and the beach pics are gorgeous... you have a *great* time at the workshop!!!


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