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February 06, 2011


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sophie munns

I love how you described finding yourself in a place where you know not what your looking for but you know when you'll find it... and then to see the work that came from that... .quite wonderful!
Glad I chanced a visit by here this morning at your lovely Blog!



Isn't that broken brickwork lovely? But your moths are gorgeous...


i think that butterfly wing on that door is perfect.

was on break when you posted this, didn't see it.
thank you.


Putting it all together in your own way indeed! Roxanne you have such style. I enjoyed seeing where you were going with the theme of your post. How wonderful to be able to follow your thoughts in colour. Thank you!

Leslie M

Well, yes you do . . . put it all together I mean. You are so at home with where you are, Roxanne. Wherever it is.



Beautiful! I love how you put things together and see things that others do not. :)

Donna Iona Drozda

There is much meaning being made here...love the juxtposition of old and new and hard and soft and in and out and near and far...the layers of life glowing.

You are a master of golden radiance.


Nice image journey. For some reason tonight, I am captivated by the internal clock workings... hmmm, something to explore!


So beautiful Roxanne...I love walking the worn out urban areas too. You have created such inspiration from these images.

I believe in the beauty of all things broken, Terry Tempest Williams



I can always find joy and breathtaking beauty here! The last image is especially wonderfilled! Your way is beautiful!

Angela Recada

You have a magic touch! I love seeing things through your eyes - you always find the warmth, somehow.

Aviewbeyondwords.blogspot.com A Facebook User Karinbartimole Karinsuebart

I do love your "own way" Roxanne, There is such beauty and grit in all these images. you provide me just the right amount of edginess with beauty that keeps me coming back for another look and more and the desire to page through, touch and wish I were holding them before me! yummmm!
xoxo Karin


And your way is always so beautiful. Very interesting images from outside. They are inspirational and I love the art that came from them.


Another beautiful and brilliant post. I am in love with your new landscapes. These pieces capture the layers and textures that are always a part of the mountains. Your edge of town seems to be filled with treasures to find too. And you really have created something special in the last two shots!!


Your blog is wonderfully inspiring! Love the colorful images and words....

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