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February 13, 2011


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Oh, I am so far behind! Isn't painting amazing? There are lots of media to work in, but paint always just fills me with awe. And so does your work. You can work wonders with journals and natural things!

I'll try not to leave any more comments, but it's hard not to!

Leslie M

Ah, spring. It was here yesterday, gone today. Still, the melting snow is revealing some green that has been hidden for months. Bulbs are beginning to emerge. I love these images, and that heart! I think I have one of those somewhere. I've seen it before. And that bird! Did you carve that stamp? I love it!



Lovely posting, it is Spring-like here today, the sun is shining, rare in NW where gray wet skies predominate in Feb. Your images and writing are so wonderful, I've added you to my blog sidebar!
Happy Spring!


Happy belated Valenine's Day to you, too. I'm so bad. I've been busy lately and haven't been around to visit. Love all your snippets and tokens. You are always busy with some delicious project.


The world is flowering with red winged blackbirds here. aah, it should be 70 and sunny on Friday! Whoooo hooo!

love to you, too. the grasses by your river, lit with sun, must fill you with such warmth. I thought, since you bought some poetry; because you love flowers so, what immediately came to mind (you might like also) The Wild Iris by Louise Gluck sometime.


Your supplies, surfaces, and artwork are all so inspiring in this post. Like spring...all these ingredients are just waiting to become something new!

gwen buchanan

Roxanne, I loved seeing your watercolors and the heart that lets the love flow. take care, gwen


Just what I needed! Such lovely images to keep me hanging on until we start to get that springtime feeling up here where there is just far too much snow still on the ground to feel it!!

lyle baxter

may you find valentine hearts all year round!your post is lovely and spring-like but I need an explanation of your weather! here in the east we are really only halfway thru winter! happy spring ,lyle


sending you
a bouquet of hearts
gathering love,
sharing gratitude
and thanking you
for the BEauty you share,

xox - eb.


We've yet to feel the change in the air but I'm looking forward to Autumn. Happy Valentine's Day to you Roxanne.

Donna Watson

I was outside earlier today to do some winter pruning and found small green shoots poking up from the ground and leaves budding on the bare branches-- you post is highlighting in colorful ways that indeed spring is on its way.


heARTfelt valentine day greetings to you!!



Hey Roxanne, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment about my photo. I am so glad you did, cos that brought me here....your art work and your photos are beautiful and inspiring.xx


Love to you too on Valentines Day Roxanne...lovely to see the sunshine peeking through in your home and your art.

Jacky xox

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