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January 09, 2011


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Roxanne, Your site is so beautiful and inspiring. I regularly visit here to get inspired. I love your poetic beauty!!


Kathleen Botsford

I gave one of my copies of Song of the River as a Christmas gift......they loved it! Your post is lovely and serene. As always.

Supria Karmakar

Roxanne, happy new year...I wanted to say I absolutely love the nesting piece and the nesting in concept..I have been nesting myself, rejuvenating my soul and contemplating on new ideas...

...I have been reflecting on our collaborative, which was a while ago now yet it is still so powerful in my life... ...I decided to blog post about it and linked back to you....I am exploring new collaborative ideas for 2011 and found myself grateful for our work together..and our inner works circle....thanks


what an ongoing source of inspiration...you and Seth!

I love to breath deeply of each warm detail of both your work and your environment.



Having the camera in your hand is a sure signal to see things with an artist's eye and your photos always show such wonderful details. Love your new header! (Loved your last one too)


Our styles work so well together Roxanne that I can barely tell which parts are yours and which parts are mine!! Beautiful post!


Love these photos! You play well with your camera. I should take the time to learn how to use mine better.
Your collaborations with Seth are always a delight to see. You two work well together.
That Tumblr Blog is really cool! I like how everything is right there all together.
Cozy in and enjoy your nesting time.


happy new year! i'm loving these warm, wonderful posts. my home is very minimalist, so I love to come here and immerse myself in the colors, textures, and treasures of your home and studio (and i don't have to dust them!)


yes... just blogged about that Saturday morning thing - soul-dreaming over here! Happy inspiration and nesting....


big ahhh
getting to stop by for a visit Roxanne...

now I realize you not only see the world thru your beautiful artists eyes...but young children's eyes too...thank you for sharing as always the gifts that surround you along with your distinctive and rich artwork


"I travel how the birds can sing"
am enjoying your collaboration, thinking its a great way to learn, to extend each other's patterns of expression. We used to do an exercise, called Write Away From the place you tend to be naturally comfortable in your daily practice. Go to the other extreme, and usually it led to new doors flung open in expression.
your snow photo hit home, i woke to a rare snow falling as tenderness all over the pines and grass.

Enjoy your nesting time, and thanks for sending brand new energy. Blessings to you.

sophie munns

Best wishes for a wonderful 2011 Roxanne,
Thanks so much for popping by and I have to say I adore your header... and loved reading this post.
Cant image living in this snowy landscape... it all looks quite wonderful!

lyle baxter

wonderful pics! your work with Seth just makes me drool! you two are a great combo! and your tumblr is a delight1 what a way to start the day. thank you!

Donna Watson

You are able to re-charge on the weekends in a very creative way- and your pages for the collaborative book are also very creative- your images evoke warmth.

Jennifer Mazzucco

yes - reconnect with the soul on saturday! so glad to see other teachers who go through this.. i did some of that reconnecting today as well.... had a three day weekend due to a snow day on friday! couldn't have been a better gift - ever! be well and enjoy your night of restful sleep:)


oh, those pieces you did with Seth are so beautiful, so textural and warm and organic. Love them. And I love seeing another view of that farmhouse!

I think you see everything with an artist's eye, eh?!

If I haven't said so yet, happy new year!

Stephanie Christelow

Striking photos, dark against light--they make me want to come back again and again just to study them, and to see something different with each viewing.

karen cole

You and Seth have certainly done some amazing collaborations. It all melds so well together. No, I can't tell where each of you begin and end, but it is fun to try........looking at the details, as you say.

Happy creative New Year!

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