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August 02, 2010


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So exciting to see bears and your painting alongside your journey. You must have a had a fabulous time.

Cris, Artist in Oregon

What a interesting and fun looking trip. Loved seeing it all. Loved seeing what you sketched and painted when you got the chance. Got a chuckle at the bear scaring itself. :)

The Adventurous Art Teacher

WOW! Roxanne what a wonderful adventure.Your pictures are beautiful and I can't wait to read more. This is a trip of a life time.


what a great trip. if you are like me you have hundreds of photos not yet uploaded... i enjoyed your found objects; so much better then to buy items for collage and assemble!


What a wonderful blog post to enjoy/contemplate as I wrap up my day/evening. Welcome safely home! You were missed.


What an amazing journey! The mountains are so lush and green, and the water!

I love seeing both the photographs and your lovely watercolor drawings.

share more please!


mary ann

This was a great photo journal of your trip NORTH. Eyes full of wonder...scent of the freshest air and color, beautiful color! Your watercolors hold the beauty and feelings without the bumpy ride! What fun!


What an adventure Roxanne. And to be able to experience it with your family makes it even more special. You really captured the essence of the area in your words and tremendous photographs. There is something about the vastness of these regions that really do make one contemplate their place in the world. I look forward to hearing and seeing more. Welcome home!


My heart is full of delight thinking about that bear! I will be less afraid now too. So humbling indeed, the earth is mighty, and yes spawns such tender greens and flower petal skins and butterfly and water and ahhh... the human heart. You!

thanks for sharing this grandeur.

love your collage of found objects!


What a journey Roxanne...I loved all of the photos and your beautiful journal pages. The watercolour is perfect for travelling with your journal isnt it?
Lovely to take this trip with your son on his way to college/Uni.

Have a wonderful week Roxanne.

Jacky xox

Ann Christine Dennison

Wow what a beautiful holiday you have had, I am so happy it was so good :-) Love the artwork and all those wonderful photos! The bear looks really cute but between you and me I would not have lingered!!! Living in a country without them roaming around free suits me fine.


Oh my, my. What a gorgeous trip. I have always wanted to see Alaska. My sister vacationed there for 21 days a couple of years back and I was green with envy. I really like that sketch you did with the wolf eye. And that bear! Wish I could have seen that! I am looking forward to seeing more of your trip. Thanks for taking us along.


I've been missing you!

This is a beautiful post and it's great to look forward to more photos. What gorgeous people you are! Is that dragonfly amazing?! What colors does it flash? I would love to see those cool sheep!!

Will be ready to see what you do with all those treasures.


Wow, you brought home some beautiful photos to go with your memories. I have never been that far north, but dream of it.

What a nice post!


oh, roxanne.....i am SOOOOOO happy for you. how magnificent!! and to share with your beloveds!
perfect! such a trek you took. it was 1972 when i had a week in jasper and we hiked the malign lake trail. just 2 of us. UNForgettable, even after all these years. thanks for the great sharing, and again, i am thrilled for you, and love your expression of its meaningfulness!

Donna Iona Drozda

Oh Roxanne you brought back so many rich and wonderful memories for me. I didn't make it up to Alaska (!!! amazing that you did) I camped 11 days in Jasper.
You've captured the stunning beauty and the intimate details of this glorious landscape so magnificently.
I love your watercolor sketches...so fresh and alive.

Welcome back to your beautiful base camp :-)

Aviewbeyondwords.blogspot.com A Facebook User Karinbartimole Karinsuebart

What a gorgeously full and delicious post Roxanne!! I really feel like I just sat down and enjoyed a banquet of nature's beauty and that of a sensitive, talented artist. I love your paintings, and that's a really great picture of you :) Thanks for taking us through a bit of your journey - what a beautiful world!! ❤ K


gosh, roxanne, i feel like i took a bit of the journey with you... thank you... wow, what a lot of beauty! it's almost too much to take in in one sitting! somehow watercolors seem perfect for capturing all of this.

love to you... i'm sitting here smiling at the thought of this trip...


And oh ... the waterfalls, indeed! The two photos of waterfalls look like paintings. Stunning! Love your journal and can't wait to see more once you've started attaching the found objects. Drooling over your finds! I have so enjoyed traveling with you in this blog post, Roxanne. Nothing like a dose of nature to ground one!


Welcome home and many thanks for sharing some of your fantastic adventures!
Swans = ooo I am a swan fancier!
Lovely images, words and feelings ... getting away gives us a chance to create a fresh new pattern upon our return home! Looking forward to more peeks!


Inspiring beauty out there, thanks for the journey snippets. And, yes, I live with many black bears out here and after my first few encounters with them when I first moved here, I came to know them as gentle and mostly timid. They run away or turn in the other direction when they see me coming. Even the mammas with babies get out of the way and would rather not interact. I have heard that the black bears in the east here are less aggressive than black bears out west. Having to defend themselves from grizzlies... a very different kind of bear! Anyway, glad you got to meet one, I find them quite extraordinary.


Wow, absolutely beautiful. That is an area I have never been to before. Thanks for posting so many photos. I love your collage of found objects. And your watercolors are a nice addition to the photos.

Leslie M.

What an amazing trip this must have been! I love that you were able to share it with both your husband and your son.
Thank you for sharing your adventure with us! And your journal. It's all beautiful.


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