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June 11, 2010


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Hi Roxanne
I haven't been by to visit for a long while, but I'm glad I stopped by today so I can tell you that "every ending is a new beginning". Even though this is a sad post,it is also a beautiful one and I can hear your beautiful heart coming through.
Hugs, Rhondi


I hope that you can find rest and renewal in the new beginnings that summer offers Roxanne.

The beauty here transcends the sadness...

be gentle with yourself


A time to gently go with the flow knowing that with so many endings there will also be beginnings .... good beginnings. Sending love.


Change is always hard for me, so I certainly understand.
I'm praying that things will soon settle out for you and at the bottom of it all you will find peace.
PS: I'm very sorry for the pain you feel for your daughter. When they hurt, we hurt.

Ann Christine Dennison

I have tried so many endings last year and this year as well, please believe me this tired feeling WILL END and the energy og NEW BEGINNINGS will emerge, I promise :-) My life is getting better and better every day, yes I still have sad days but the adventure of the new is here in my life. When doors close new doors open. I send you my love Roxanne :-)


A hug for you Roxanne~
Too many endings at once. Too hard!!

Hears a toast to many bright & beautiful beginnings filled with wonder and hope!


kim andersen

all of those changes are major upheavals - no wonder you want to float on a pool of turquoise. I wish for you a long lazy slow motion healing summer .....


Boy, can I ever relate to this post! Only I am hoping for some endings. This year feels like it is dragging on forever for me.

I am hopeful that your endings have ended and now you can begin to grow and stretch again. Keep looking for that silver lining; I am.

red or gray

roxanne ..the images in this post of transition and change are simple and quiet .. filled with honest beauty .. i hope rest will come your way ~ ELK


beautiful photos..beautiful art..thank you for you..love nita

Donna Iona Drozda

Genuine and gentle resonant and rich... just like your work... your words open the heart.

cyber hugs to you Roxanne


I never told you, because of the emotion you evoked, but that leaf image is Stunning. It captured my imagination. Had to come see it again.

mary ann

This life takes courage and needed rest...this is your time to float in water, feel fresh morning breeze, lazy afternoon heat and the welcome of dark safe nights. Be well and truly know the angels will care for your spirit. My best wishes.


You sound just like one of my sisters. Empathy and great sympathy from me.

Feel I am singing this right beside u. Treat yourself to gentleness and rest and quit. Blessings to u and your daughter, family hearts seem to share so much emotion, including the clearing away for new joy.

Big warm shower of light and peace follow over you, soothe you!

Jennifer Mazzucco

sending you hugs... and hope you get some rest... find some inner peace... summer is good for these things

Debi Minter

Such a beautiful post... and I am with you in spirit. This is that kind of summer for me too. So many things mirror yours... but I have also gone back to school. So it is a summer of beginnings too.

Kathleen Botsford

Sending you warm wishes for a summer filled with love and healing to you and yours.

The Adventurous Art Teacher

I think its time for the Summer of new beginings and joy.
You desire it Roxanne.
Rest up and recharge.
Has school ended for you yet?
Yesterday was our last day with students.



Dear Roxanne,

At first there was joy in seeing your post and quickly I turned sad, especially after learning that your daughters marriage had ended.

This century, this decade has been a most difficult one for so many people.

There is more I wish to say, but I would rather it were private, in the meantime I will be sending you positive energies . . .



my dear roxanne, i hope you *are* resting... healing... treating yourself kindly. please do...

we had bright sun today. i rested in it. : )

love, love...

caterina giglio

here is to renewal and peace and from these endings will grow new beginnings. sending you hugs dear Roxanne. xx's


What a time of mixed emotions for you, no wonder you are tired. May the remainder of Summer bring you many wonderful things, rejuvenation, strength and healing.


Such a sad, devastating year. I am so tired of endings as well and it is so hard to see when things will be bright again. What matters is we have each others love, no matter where we are in life. I love you so much!

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