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June 17, 2010


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oh, wow. I think my favorite is those sheds, but how can that be? There are too many great ones here! I guess I"m drawn to structures. But man, that mosaic work is just too cool.


The color of your world takes my breath away!


thank you for the work of Ronna...so powerful, so very beautiful!

mary ann

I was pleasantly lost in your summer, especially down dirt roads with sheds and white pelicans. Thank you for sharing these special moments of your beginning summer.

Ann Christine Dennison

Thanks for sharing your summer, love the poppies and all the red in this post :-)I have a few poppies in the field across the road from me and enjoy looking at them every day. The birds are beautiful, are they pelicans?


very nice - i like the balance of green and red. not your usual colors here.

Joy Logan

Wonderful blog I could spend hours here. Be back soon. Oh my parents also got a full military send off in Arlington,what a ceremony.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Your incredibly lovely and colorful photos of both art and nature were exactly what I needed after my fiasco yesterday. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and for a really sweet treat in this post.


Oh Roxanne, Thank you so much for coming to visit me and leaving me such beautiful words. If you didn't I wouldn't have the chance to visit this absolutly magnificent site you have here. I love your header, your words, your images. I scrolled down and saw more and more magnificence...
Much gratitude


Such a full, rich post Roxanne! Your summer poem cools and soothes me; Ronna's work fires me up; and your river photos fill my heart with nature's glory. those birds... yes, they are such grace. happy summer joy to you! xox K


What gorgeous photographs...and in my own "backyard". Happy to have found my way to this visually rich blog. I invite you to visit me at kf-biblioblog, a site dedicated to books, reading, art, and reflection.


Wonderful pics to view = You have an eye for composition, emotion and colour.
Thank you Roxanne for stopping by and leaving your positive feedback. It is much appreciated. Have a lovely day.


those sheds and wild poppies the white white pelicans... so much just waiting for us in our summer explorations.

i wish you a warm hearted rest filled emotional balancing creative summer!

anna powell

Your photos are so GLORIOUS. It's interesting seeing those amazing figures from Mali through a photographic perspective. I almost enjoyed them more on your post than I did in person. Probably because there are so few distractions in the photo, just the object itself to look at... oxox


what a colorful
and rich adventure..

the field with flowers..

the sheds..



Roxanne, I just finished reading a wonderful book that takes place in Ashland! It is called "Good Grief" by Lolly Winston. I think you might like it a lot. Look it up and see.

Your photos are beautiful. How fun to watch those pelicans. I've never seen white ones before.

Love those little sheds.

nancy neva

your site here is so beautiful...every detail, the colors, the images, your thoughts...such a "window" to peer through!!


Glorious post Roxanne!!
I too am inspired by the art and culture of Mali. Thanks so much for posting photos of this exhibition. I also love the greying wood of weathered sheds and old gates.


Aahhhh that beautiful, clear light of summer .... wonderful photos, so very evocative of summer (enjoying the brightness on this dreary winters day here in Australia).
Those mosaic sculptures are wonderful!

Jacky xox

red or gray

what an absolute fascinating world it is too....your photos tell of such adventure!!

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