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January 17, 2010


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Ann Christine Dennison

I am amazed at your creativity, this posting is full of beautiful work and photos, such an inspiration. I especially love the 'coming home' piece and the last two journal pages.

Deborah Carr

I haven't visited your blog studio for some time as I've been busy with my own 'artful words' project, but I've missed the creative boost I get when I see your work.

Love the warm colours and textures. The 'coming home' painting is wonderful, as are your collages.

caterina giglio

Hi Roxanne,
thank you for your comment on my post, I so appreciate your kindness and I am doing well, much, much better. I have you entered in the draw. xo

karen cole

Loving all of the construction, Roxanne. From the beginnings of something on canvas, to the assembled objects, to the collages. I particularly love the one with the paper that is green and turquoise.

Heading off to my studio to do some much needed housekeeping and some constructing of my own.

Have a happy weekend!

xo Karen


Hi Roxanne,
It's great that you are working towards a show! Looking forward to seeing your canvas'!

YES we are most richly blessed!! So much to be thankful for today~

Have a wonderful weekend, filled with much creativity & fun!



Interesting that you write, "I need to get serious about painting again, but oh, I love playing with my camera..." I had just been observing what a great eye you have when taking photographs. You capture your art & life in a way that draws the viewer in.... the angle, lighting & what's included/excluded. You truly have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.




{{ i peeked into
that wondrous wooden drawer
housing comfortably
your aging treasures
and i do believe
i saw my heart ♥

BTW, i am rarely wrong
in matters such as this }}


I agree with wanting to photograph everything! It looks like your paintings are going to be some collage as well? Anxious to see these beauties develop!



So many things to be inspired by in this post. Curious to see how you arch canvas pieces progress. Love the collages, love the journal page, and those compartments are so inspiring.

mary ann

Your "Coming Home" is reason enough to keep painting...it is beautiful! I love looking at all your 'stuff' that makes up your collages and assemblages, quite a collection.
Good luck with your new canvas, getting texture on and having a plan will get you started!! As always I'm delighted to stop by and visit...no matter the weather, wind, heat or rain!
Mary Ann

Cyndee Greene

You always catch such an essence w/ your photos & your artwork. I can't wait to see what you do w/ your new canvasses. Love the archways.

Kathleen Botsford

I went to Anthropologie the other day and thought of you. How nice to have new friends who peek in and out and touch our lives on so many mysterious levels.

 Jill Zaheer

Love the pages in your journal. You know bold colors touch me so. The leaf, words, beetle and chinese lettering and that lovely butterfly work so well together- in design. color, and beautiful textures. Look forward to seeing those two large canvases covered with your artwork!



These are so calm and happy - the boxes of treasures... are hey permanently assembled there or a current collection?



Hello beautiful lady. I love your ne wprofile pic Roxanne. Loving the textures here too. Thankyou for giving us a peek into your world.

Kim Palmer

The texture on the canvas' look wonderful. Can't wait to see where you take them. I love the drawer! I love drawers full of stuff, it just makes me want to ferret around in it and take a look! The new blog header is lovely too.

Donna Watson

what a fabulous drawer full of treasures-- for collages and paintings--I go back and forth too.


Hi Roxanne, I think I am excited as you are about your huge canvases.. what a good time you are going to have.. the best to you


Hello to you! Your first photo floored me! I sat open mouthed and thought, "She painted that?". I love it, however you got it.
I like your bright colors in your journal and your box of goodies looks so yummy. I used to have lots of antique things like that, but I cleaned house one day and out they went.
I'm excited for you and your upcoming show. I will anxiously await new "peeks".

caterina giglio

My dear Roxanne, visiting your blog IS like coming home...the painting is wonderful, and your collages are so chewy and rich. your collections in the boxes are so very inspiring as well. you do my heart such good! xo


That's what I love most about painting and collage-the surprises.

I got me some spackle, yes I did. And then I was afraid to use it. I can't wait to see more.


I heard the wind last night .... I could here it come from miles away like a train.

Lovely lovely art here :)

Linda Moran

I love the photos, especially the one of the box of goodies - I can see that would make a great shot just by itself. I do enjoy looking at photos of people's studios - gives me ideas!

Sylvia Ballerini

First time to your blog and I enjoyed the visit. Your Coming Home is a lovely piece, the expectation of rest and safety through the window, is emotive. Enjoyed looking at your work space.

The Adventurous Art Teacher

Will enjoy seeing your new work develop. We seem to be in the same place. I'm really enjoying my daily sketch, which seems to be heading toward collage. But my heart sang out when it saw those lovely large canvases. My little voice keeps nudging me to paint large again.


personally I love your camera work and wow, those are fabulous big canvases - lucky you!


Good luck with the upcoming show. I look forward to seeing what you do with those lovely big canvases. The texture already is amazing.
I always love seeing your treasures and your wonderful journal pages...beautiful, peaceful images.

Jacky xox


roxanne, the top image is wonderful! everything is! texture and color everywhere... are you close to having your paintings done for the show? those are big canvases!

shine on sweet woman...


I can see you are having fun with your camera and such exciting photographs you take too. Your collages and the drawer jam packed with treasures makes my heart sing.

Egmont van Dyck

Greetings to you,

I personally love looking in on a person working space and see where their creativity percolates and i have not been disappointed.

Your curiosity drawers are a treasure for sure.

Thank you for sharing and i wish you a grand start to the week,

nancy neva

nice to catch up with you and your work, and it's good to hear you relaxing into what was a long weekend.
...and cameras are way too much fun these days, such instant gratification. that beautiful bird in your first piece.
and yes, the heart hurts for the people of haiti, such a disaster there.

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