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August 29, 2009


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The photograph of your garden gloves is superb!


Just found your blog through Lynne Hoppe. I'll be back. Love your music playlist, I've let it play for over an hour. Thanks for sharing.


Wonderful art...thank you for sharing. I love your barely there piece...


Lovely garden pictures, as always and good luck with the new school year!


So glad you have found a new job, the process can be daunting. I love the sculptural pieces, thanks so much for sharing and the link. Your pages are as beautiful as ever.

mary ann

Congratulations on your new job!
Congratulations on your garden...I have so enjoyed your photos, Indian summer and all the beautiful endings of the season and then it all begins again!

Leslie M.

Roxanne, Every visit here is a slow and easy gift.

I'm glad that you have a new job and that you are being published.

I love the photos of your garden and of you.

And the first sculptures you posted -- love them.


Kim Palmer

Congratulations on the new job and the publishing. How exciting! Although I loathe that settling in period with new jobs. Think I'm a comfort person where work is conserned. Congrats on the Pasticcio, the sneak peek looks wonderful Roxanne.Loved those three little sculptures especially the last one with the birds and wires.


Good luck with your new class!
Your garden is so lovely, I am wondering if it is inspired by your art, or is your art inspired by it?

Kathleen Botsford

Ahhh, second graders. How delightful! I am sure they will bloom as gloriously as your garden with the love and care you will bestow upon them.

The Adventurous Art Teacher

So gald you found a job or they are lucky to find you!
Love your new post, especially the last pic your journal. Just beautiful.


Such wonderful news Roxanne, congratulations on your new job and on being published in the magazine.
I love your photos, especially the one of you in your garden and of course your lovely journal pages, they are glowing!


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your beautiful blog. Glad to hear that you have found a new job! I would like to add your blog to my blogroll if you don't mind.


oh, i love those sculptures too! especially the first one.
cognratulations on your new job! I hope it will be a smooth transition for you.

Rini Boer

Wishing you great happiness in your new job , and the art that I see is great again .
Love Rini xoxo

Toni Brown

the barely there journal is so ... ??? wow, I'm stuck for a word. I feel lightened when I look at that layout, anyway ... like the sun can glow all the way through me. I had a harder time with the figurines -- since I was a child, I was always frightened of/by that type of animated character (not real but almost real-looking) ... but I did appreciate the meaning you see in them. The photo of YOU is gawgeous, Woman! You appear to be blooming, too. Many happies and congrats on your new job; a large relief, I imagine?


Hi Roxanne: love your work and your words. happy for you in your new job adventure - second graders sounds like it will be such wonderment, teaching, learning, excitement - all of it and more !! your barley there pages are amazing, can't wait to see more and more and more, : )
Blessings, Sandra in AZ


Hope your new class works out well! I guess sometimes we, like the flowers in your garden, must bend as we grow. Your barely there pages look ethereal!!

caterina giglio

Congrats on both your new job and being published in Pasticcio! woohoo! I loved the peek!


Wishing you great happiness in your new job, Roxanne. I love the sneak peek and the 3 sculptures you included.

karen cole

I love the way I get to see an assorted view of your life in each post. So many lovely bits and pieces to enjoy.

Congrats on the magazine!


Ooo, I love the pages from your barely there journal. They look like pages from a fairy tale book. So soft and inviting.

So glad you got a teaching assignment! I knew you would! You will be a wonderful influence on second graders. Congartulations.

All of your garden and the "nature boys" at the begining were fun to see. You look so pretty in your photo.


I'm as so happy you will be with second graders this year. They are so alive at that age. They are lucky to have.

your artwork is beautiful . . . can't wait to see more.

Anna Baker

I'm loving this recent post. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....... whew!


ohh, i was wondering yesterday if you went back to school... second graders will be full of wonder. Your photo flowers and those gloves, so evoke a woman; and you look perfectly wonderful, rested and ready for the next level of giving, creating, loving... etc.

Blessings on your work, however it wants to manifest in these next months. I look forward to watching; sounds like you got some cool air.


Happy that you have a new job! I love the work you have highlighted here...a balancing act indeed, but we just keep walking the wire.

I have been playing with your inspiration....

lyle baxter

have fun in your new job! I'm sure you are feeling better! lyle


Love the sneak peek!

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