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August 02, 2009


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Your box is spectacular Roxanne. I love that it feels so aged, almost like a relic. Perfect for the project and thank you fo rbeing a part of it. Nick Bantock's class must have been so inspiring. His studio looks like a great place to create and your pages are stunning so far!

Supria Karmakar

Roxanne, I love the Disintegration, DisCo project you created..wonderfully layered ...you are a very inspiring artist...


another project I long to hold and turn over in my hands,

Leslie Avon Miller

I bet this was fabulous!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Wow, what a lovely DisCo project. I love old rusty, aged items and this is so symbolic on so many levels. And it was nice to see your review of the Nick Bantock workshop.

robin dudley howes

Wow! I did'nt know he had workshops and in his home at that! You are so lucky. I really, really love your work. It has soul.

Susan Tuttle

i adore the patina of your box for the project with Seth.

how very lucky to attend a workshop with nick -- looks like it was fabulous Roxanne!

Juidth Stadler

Your box is really beautiful and profoundly touching.


Fantastic, love it


That weathered tin tell it's only lovely story. I think it's wonderful that the work you did inside dosn't distract from that, it becomes part of it.
Thanks for the peek inside Nick's studio...how very inspiring it must be to actually be there!


Roxanne, another gorgeous post just oozing with wonder.
I love your assemblage piece, the tin box, it's self, a work of art, and then the magic you have created on the inside is just perfect!


What a stimulating post!!! Roxanne your workshop with Nik Bantock looks totally amazing. I do hope they get him out to Australia one day...LOVE this type of art.
AND his studio! So interesting and inspiring. Your work from the workshop is fantastic.
Not to mention your wonderful disitegration piece. That rustic box, love that you didnt paint it and the wonderful story that unfolds inside.
Just the best post!

Jacky xox


i swear i commented here days ago and it evaporated ... must be the heat here, stuns the brain.

love your box, just enough rusty edges. Gotta thank Seth for his great ideas.

i also love that wonderful old woman, i told this already, somewhere; a wonderful post. Hope you are well and having some cool air. etc...


Dear Roxanne,
Love what you've been up to~ Stretching, created, recreating. IT's wonderful to follow! So nice that you are open to learning!



Soo much here! Your box is so softly aged looking, I love the interior...BUT, the workshop!! In his studio!! What an experience, I love ALL the images of the work, your work, his studio....

I'd love to hear MORE...

~*~ Patty Szymkowicz

sanding your treasure box was a great way to go....wonderful ancient feel to your creation = Love it!
Amazing collages you have in the works too!


Oh wow, loved seeing his studio and the "works" are beautiful.

mary ann

This is a special post...first, your treasure box with mystery and beauty.
Your trip to what seems like a land of enchantment! Your beginning work with all it's potential! Tell me you are having a wonderful summer?!


Nick's studio looks like such a neat place to visit and create in, you lucky thing!
Your stamp collages are wonderful and your weathered treasure box too!


i utterly adore your box!! (and nick bantock!) what wonderful work and amazing photos! thanks so much for sharing!

Jill Zaheer

Love that you were able to turn your disco project into such a wonderfully meaningingful treasure box. Both the inside and outside are so intricate with detail, yet- have a simplicity all their own. I too added keys to my disco piece and a butterfly! Now you can see what I did with it! And how lucky a gift to be able to attend the workshop. It was quite a few years ago that Seth told me about Griffin and Sabine books that he thought I would love- and I did! Your stamp collages are beautiful- attracted to the little landscape so much. I may try that!


Your tin has all my attention! Love it!
Thanks so much for posting photos of the Nick Bantock class. Tell us more..... He looks wicked!


your DisCo piece looks fabulous, love the weathered look of it. how cool you could a class with Nick Bantock, some wonderful work too.


Roxanne, this is a wonderful post! I can tell that you hand a very creative time with Nick, you lucky dog!
I'm really liking your box and seeing what you are doing with the "Seth" project.
Looking forward to the area post.

Toni Brown

I missed out totally on the disintegration project so am eagerly perusing all the posts of final projects over on Seth's blog. ... & I just can't get enough of Nick Bantock or the Nick Bantock influence -- your page (you call it unfinished), is redolent of the summer vibes here, that raw Southwest grit and scorched air/sun/wind ... I LOVE IT.

caterina giglio

Oh Roxanne! what a visually chewy post! I am in love with your post! what a great workshop and fabulous portrait of the artist! you rock!
ps your disco is fabulous too! caterina

Julie Prichard

What a great post, Roxanne! Everything looks really fantastic..and I love that you didn't paint your box!


Ginny Gaskill

I especially like the top of the box. So grungy and beautiful.

Katelen Tays

I love the box and all its story.
The workshop looks like fun and the studio is wonderful.
So much mystery.

rachel whetzel

SUCH a neat post!! So happy to have "met" you on this journey!!

Kathleen Botsford

Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures of your workshop with Nick. His studio looks just like I have imagined it (except a touch neater!) The work you and your mates produced had that perfect combination of mystery and delight, again just what I would have envisioned from a master Magician on the loose. He must have been an incredible teacher, yes? I also hope to see the finished pieces here in the near future.

diane cook

What a wonderful box, full of beautiful treasures!

nancy neva gagliano

gorgeous box.....and tribute to such soulful artists...thanks.

Kim Palmer

Love the patinas on the tin and its contents Roxanne, lovely. Am so green the text should be glowing!!! LOL! A workshop with Nick Bantock, how wonderful. I see a few of my favourite pieces of his work in the backgrounds of your pictures. Like how your collages are developing. You will have to show them off after you finish so we can see the progression.



Looks like you had a very interesting and productive trip! I especially like the painting of the old woman, which remains unfinished. Something about it speaks to my soul.

Happy August!

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