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August 19, 2009


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The Adventurous Art Teacher

Hi Roxanne,
What a lovely post. It was so serene and relaxing, I felt as if I was there with you.
Sorry to hear about you job hopefully something wonderful is just around the bend.


Gorgeous colors everywhere...oh, and, tag you're it!

nelda ream

Thank you for sharing your lovely day with us...and your lovely art...and your lovely friend.


Wow, the journals, the trees, the beads on a twig...lovely, lovely, lovely. All of it!


talk about a sharing blogger! your blog is so full of adventure and lovely NO! gorgeous! work...yours and others..beautiful places and spaces
seth directed me to find you and the directions were not in the least a diappointment!
congratulations for being highlighted today on the Altered Page..


Oh, my, Roxanne, this is a love letter to a friend, it is so beautiful and evocative and touching, and inspirational.

Isn't it life-affirming to be in nature? And with a friend? And to get a journal from a friend?

I'm sorry about this difficult time. Friends make so much difference.

Toni Brown

I came back, lured by the photo of the stack of stones, and by the pine cones at the tree altar. I love stone; I'm drawn to the idea of an altar ...

Cyndee Greene

Each & EVERY single piece of this moves me on such a DEEP level! As you always do...Words don't begin to convey or articulate...
I keep wondering if you are meant to develop a Non Profit that takes what you do into the schools that you have worked in. It is time that we find new ways...creative ways :)...whether it is in the discovery of what we are meant to do...or as in your case a new way to get paid doing what you do so well...It is your art...& it is SO much more than that...Sacred...Heart...Soul...are some of the words that come to mind...I am curious to see what & where this is taking you...


What a wonderful post Roxanne, full of love and friendship and light.
Lovely to share your walk with Lynne and to experience some of the places you visited.
Beautiful art as always and I really love your Barely There book from Lynne. Your page is lovely (and sounds like you are enjoying the process...I know I love using fabric in art, especially with paper and mod-podge!!!!)
Always such a lovely place to visit.

Jacky xox

Veronica Funk

If you check my blog tomorrow afternoon(August 26) I have a little something for you.

Susan Tuttle

what a divine day -- wish i could have joined you on your magical adventure:)

Toni Brown

rivers of contentment thru me, have read this post 11 times, focusing each time on something different - a color, the line of a hiker's back, the delicacy of the 'almost there' journal, the wash of paint colors, the laid-back blue water ... I wish your words and images could somehow be distilled, together, into seaglass bottles with chiseled stone toppers that I could open on days when tranquility and inspiration are needed, hand in hand.

rachel whetzel

Thank you, first of all, for stopping by MY blog and leaving me a comment!! I have subscribed to your blog! Such a lovely place!! And a fellow Oregonian!! Good things all around... Best of luck on your teaching!! I can tell you are a teacher in your soul.


Just thought I'd stopped by quickly, but no can do...must come back after my ride and continue. You live in the most magical of places..you and Lynn. Your work evokes this magic.


Supria Karmakar

Wow..what a lovely connection and trip you had with Lynne..two beautiful creative souls.
I trust that all will work out with your upcoming teaching assignment...and that your gifts will be enjoyed by many other students to come in the days beyond.
Thanks for posting such lovely images of your work on Jill's book.


What a special time the two of you must have had. Work journal and canvas work is exceptional, as always. And I love what you created for Jill!

Leslie M.

I just love everything about this post and the day you shared with Lynne. I loved reading about it on her blog too. Your work is so inviting.


I'd love to come visit where you live - it's absolutely beautiful!


a truly beautiful "sharing" between two soulfull people! Am enchanted by this place called "the green shrine tree". Can you blame me?

ahhh! Hope your desires for sharing and teaching manifest with grace! You show so much of it,naturally.



This is such a lovely post, Roxanne. I was wondering about your returning to teaching. I was under the impression that you did have an assignment, but wasn't too thrilled about it. I do hope something opens up for you. You are too fine a giver not to teach.

Everything here was a treasure to look at. Your friend's property is beautiful and serene. Her "not so great" beads are teriffic. I'd like to see her good ones! Grin.

As usual, I love all your artwork. I like seeing your work in progress; it gives me encouragement.

Good luck to you, whatever comes your way.


where to start, roxanne! first i'll just thank you for not showing any pics of me that make me look too dorky, hee!

i love what you did with the beads on the branch - that's so perfect! and all of your pics are gorgeous -- what a nice job you did of describing our time together with photos and words... and the pics of your new work, both in the muslin book, the other journals, and your painting are beautiful. your muslin book is going to be wonderful!

oh, and the wildlife refuge photos... i must go there... maybe we can meet there...

thank you for all of this... i am thinking about you and trusting that you know which classroom you're going to have and can now move forward.


mary ann

I've just scrolled through this most thougtful post...I'm off to lunch but will be back to take my time and "take in" the richness...Beautiful, Roxanne, beautiful.

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