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June 29, 2009


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Wow, this is great! So happy for you and these women's creations are beautiful. When I have the time I hope I can remember to go look at their websites.


Hi Roxanne,

I was uncertain as to the outcome of all these changes, but now I know that a big one has been sent your way, I gotta agree with everyone in regards to other comments, and I am so proud of you for embracing this- it seems you know something else lays ahead of you. Big (and I do mean BIG) congratulations on your opening, your new friends, and your new life, my little sister.

You're awesome, and lots of love!

anna baker

Oh Sweet Woman,

I'm so glad we drummed before working/playing at your house... So glad you suggested the drums, they're at the root of my core. I enjoyed myself and found the whole day so very fulfilling.
So happy to hear about your Pascal show!
oooooxxxxx, dear friend

Katelen Tays

What a joy it is to read your post. I love the group and the drums and the art and scenery. You are truly blessed.

Ann Christine Dennison

When one door shuts another always opens, this is great news :-)


Wonderful news about the show. Great post filled with hope.


This post is overflowing with all kinds of sunshine, and the drum circle.. what fun!
I must say that you live in a stunning area, that view back toward your home is just beautiful.


This is sweet and beautiful. An inspiration, for sure.


Rock On Roxanne!*%&!@#
Those are happy exclamations.

The drummers look fun, you should've invited all of us! ;)


that is so exciting! congrats!
I so wish i could find a group of friends to make art with! Thanks for sharing.


it's ALL beautiful, roxanne!! i am sending you love.... xo

Kathleen Botsford

Life is Beautiful and so are you. I wish I could join your drumming/art circle. Maybe someday....


congratulations on the upcoming show! - it sounds perfect for you - friends & art in the garden indeed! I can feel the energy from here!

caterina giglio

so glad you are seeing some light through the dark forest and sooo soon! congrats to you! caterina

mary ann

Taking charge of your life...woohooo! Love the winery, love the drumming and love the friends and beautiful art pieces...summer is looking fine at your place! Congratulations on showing your work at the winery!


Roxanne! see, the world is opening up to you!!

My husband plays the djembe drums so I know how wonderful this is...your art group looks like a very talented group...wonderful pics!!


YESSERIEE!! Your paintings are absolutely perfect in that winery, and I am sooo happy for you. How exciting! I hope they want endless pieces from you.

Thank you for sharing your afternoon in the garden with us. I truly felt like I was there. I have been to a couple of drummings, but none with art included. How fun. I enlarged everyone's art so I could see it better.

Your area of the country is breathtakingly beautiful. I've never been out West and your photos make me want to come.

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