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March 08, 2009


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rachel whetzel

This is AWESOME!! I just posted a picture of the collaboration that my son and I made for this project... I can't wait till morning to take better photos!! I'm so tickled that you did this with KIDS.


Oh wow...as a participating member in Seth's collaboration I couldn't help but feel the magic behind this simple act, just like your student's did. What a wonderful teacher you are! Your student's must LOVE you!


i bet its such a wonderful warm gift to take a class with you.


I LOVE this post and you can see/feel the magic in the air that day. Wonderful....


Thank you Roxanne for taking this project one step further and sharing it with your students. Their creativity and enthusiasm is evident from the photographs. And your generosity is evident too!!!

Kate's Corner

This is such a fun project. Thanks for sharing your student's work. So glad to be included in their enthusiasm.

Rini Boer

I think that they love you all !!

Kathleen Botsford

You are changing the lives of those children forever! They will carry your beautiful spirit with them where ever they travel in their lives. It brings tears to my eyes...happy tears!

p.s. thank you for your compliments. The words are from the Persian poet Omar Khayyam

Jill Zaheer

What a gift you've given your students in the opportunity to express themselves and be proud of their creations- and another gift you've given to us to see the joy in your students' eyes. Thank you!

Leslie Avon Miller

What a joyful post! I love the creativity of the students, and the delight they take in it.


it must be great to have you as a teacher!
I wish you a wonderful new week!

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