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February 16, 2009


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This is Inspired!


ohhhh Roxanne! Fantastic to include your students in this project!! The pretty yellow birds are going to find great uses for your lovely weaving!!


lovely; a true wind chime. and just how amazing is that shot with the bird standing next to it??

(ps - yes please use the quote from the other day; it is not mine to own!)


I smiled when I saw that little bird admiring your art hanging in the tree.
What a wonderful idea...although I am in Australia and it is hot, hot summer, I might have a play with this idea. Reminds me of something the American Indians might have done many years ago.
Thanks for sharing the excitement and the art of your students too.

Lisa Sarsfield

I love your bundles and the birds. Absolutley awesome:)

Leslie M.

Wow, Roxanne, I love what you did with Seth's disintegration project, and the ways you inspire your students is so evident in the things they developed. I wish I could be one of your students.


This is SOOOO cool, all images are great but the one with the copper, wow.

I'm going to check that link out.


ok...heading over there right now to find out all the details! I want in!

Rini Boer

I love it all .
I have very much things to do something likes this .
I will do my best this week to show it on my blog .
XOX Rini


What a great idea to include your students. Wish i had had a teacher like you way back in the day.


how inspired...i have been working with natures bounty for the past month or so...i love the impermancnce...blessings and hugs


i especially love the photo of the bird near your packet, roxanne... that is just so darn sweet. and i also love that your students are doing it too... xxoo

india flint

i made a crochet dress from brass wire years ago whilst participating in a textile symposium in Latvia. i hung the dress in the forest there...and wonder whether it still hangs, has it grown lichens? or did it fall under the weight of winter ice and snow. one day i'll have to go back and find out.
these projects are a lovely notion and so much better having them in one's own backyard


love this!
the last photo is beautiful!

mary ann

Love, love this project and will be putting mine up before the weekend. Yours as well as your students are inspiring.


love that last photo! i'm thinking bits of your project will become nesting material...and how cool is that?!

Kate's Corner

What an exciting project! And I love that you included your students in it too. Their creativity is amazing and I'm sure this is a project they will remember doing well into their adult lives. So inspiring. And now I am off to make one of my own.

Supria Karmakar

How great is this to include your students in this project....it is enriching for all of us, the students and for the viewers...what a wonderfully creative and inspiring teacher you must be : )


how fun! seth is really something, isn't he? :)

Karen - An Artists Garden

Fabulous Roxanne - I love what your students are doing with this -
they are so elemental

jennifer mazzucco

OH MY GOSH - I LOVE THIS PROJECT! mind if i borrow it for my middle schoolers? they are going to love it... we can hang them in the spring and then come back to school in the fall to see how they look! so cool and inspiring! thanks!!!!


I just think these creative bundles are wonderful - I follow Seth's blog but somehow have missed these - I'm off to make one - thanks Rosie

Judy Wilkenfeld

How amazing is this!
I love that you took the project a step further - it's all so exciting.

diane cook

This is wonderful, and I love the different bundles! I am excited to see what they all look like!

Jill Zaheer

Wow Roxanne, talk about inspiring!
I think by the time "Seth's" Disintegration Bundles are opened on May 1, there will be several hundred all across the globe. That was so clever to share this idea with your students. They are lucky to have such a great teacher! Jill


What a wonderful thing to do, Roxanne. I just LOVE THAT!


I am beyond thrilled Roxanne that you had the idea and took the time to share this project with your students. Their enthusiasm shows itself in their creative bundles! I love yours as well! Thank you for taking part in this and for bringing your best to it, as you always do!!

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