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December 27, 2008


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Jill Zaheer

Dear Roxanne,
I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your postings. I especially love your new year's resolutions:
"look for the color
watch the horizon
dream but stay focused
be aware
love the earth.." Just beautiful.
Looking forward to working with you on our altered book collaboration and all the very best for an amazing 2009. Jill


Everything's so beautiful, as usual. :) I hope you have an absolutely wonderful New Year!

Leslie M

Everything here is always so beautiful and inspiring and calming. I love your piece "Branch Out" with your resolutions. I think that you should publish yourself. You will retain control of all elements that way. And you have perfect taste. I'll be standing in line for your book too.


Sigh.....beautiful all.
I think your blog is always so visually beautiful, your book could only be better.One can hold it in their hands to enjoy. I hope that it finds it's way into publication. Know I will be one of the first ones to purchase it!
Happy New Year!


dear Roxanne! I wish you very happy and creative new year!


Your photos and colours look so warm and inviting, such variety and inspiration. Have a wonderful, happy and art filled 2009


Your posts and your artwork are oh so gorgeous.


A "jewel in the snow" just beautiful...looks like it belongs to a snow queen.
I love the bird treats too...
Beautiful post...thank you Roxanne.

Toni Brown

Hi, Roxanne! I just came back to see the photo of the woman in the shawl. That image has been living in my brain since you first put up this post -- is that you? I have a gorgeous Pashmina shawl a good family friend bought when we all met up for the first time in Italy, and now when I wrap up in it I find myself moving a little more slowly, emulating the grace in this photo. Very cool! I do so love your photographs, always! (just ask my journal -- thank you, again, a million times, for allowing me to use your photos in my journal pages.)


Hi Roxanne
EVerything on your post isw beautiful as usual. I hope that 2009 is filled with lots of successful creative ventures!
Hugs, Rhondi



Once again, another gorgeous post filled with rich, beautiful imagery and words!

As far as the book goes, I wish that I could offer you some good advice, but I don't have any personal experience to pull from. I do have a friend who is a published author(NY Times Notable Author List) and she might have some advice for you. I know she does consulting for writers, as well. Her name is Peggy Payne and she has a blog. You can look her on google or find her on my favorites list. She might be a good resource for you.

Whatever you do, somehow I just know you will be successful! May the coming year bring you health, love and joy! It has been a pleasure getting to know you and I look forward to finding out what else you will come up with!



I think your book would be a huge inspiration...publish it anyway you can! Your writing, art, photography and collage work are so beautiful, it would be a warm and rich book indeed.

Happy HAPPY New Year!


shirley ende-saxe

What a gift to have enough time to connect with your father and to be able to realize the fullness of that gift! Reading your second post brought me back to the first and that jewel in the snow, a visual metaphor for your time with your father.

Kathleen Botsford

Roxanne, You are a very talented artist and writer. I love your work! I will buy your book for myself and as gifts. I know that doesn't help much, but I believe in you!


I love, love the jewel in the snow--not just as an idea, but the fragile branches and the way they are on the core of strength and power....

Celebrate Grace!
I am keeping that in my heart...

You are a blessing! May you increase in all your heart's dreams this New Year... thanks for sharing.


I agree with Ann about the publishing of your book. Each of your posts is a gift and if your book is anything like your blog it will be pure delight.


so beautiful roxanne! yes, beauty in the snow... so much beauty and so much to celebrate... thank you for all of these visual treats.

i love your new year's resolutions... in my mind they couldn't be any more perfect.

blessed new year to you, sweet woman...


p.s. yes, yes, and yes on the book

Susan Tuttle

How exciting about your book! -- I say yes! Go for it!!

Your last post was also very beautiful. You are a wonderful soul. You know the true meaning of forgiveness. It is a privilege to know you.

Happy New Year!


Toni Brown

Jewel in the snow -- what a phrase to stimulate a journal entry! Lovely photos, as always. Yes, please, publish, however, however!!!


Beautiful imagery Roxanne.... everything is so gorgeous and I loooove the first photo of the jewel in the snow.

Your book looks amazing, but I understand your trepidation in publishing yourself...I think it is wonderful and I am sure many others will too.

I have enjoyed finding and visiting your blog this year, your journals are inspirational as is your wonderful phtotograpy.
Wishing you all that is good in the New Year...peace, love, friendship, happiness, creativity, health and much more.......


Another special post. Roxanne...my sense is that your work is so well loved that it will do well no matter the method of publication!


Wow, Roxanne! You are just full of creative energy! I love your new book, well both of them. And I'm really liking the encaustic art barely visible in the one photo. Would like to see more.

Ann Christine Dennison

Happy New Year Roxanne :-)))))

I wish I could give you some constructive feedback about publishing your book yourself, I don't know enough about it. What I do know is that I personally love your work and your blog and it gives me such joy visiting and I am not the only one. Life is about taking risks, it is best for them to be calculated ones. Know the risks then you can only be pleasantly surprised! Follow your heart Roxanne, it has an intelligence of its own!

I too would be very nervous!!!
I hope you make the right decision. May blessing be with you to do what is right!


Beautiful post. I love the photos and sounds to me like self publishing would be good. I've tried to comment on your last post several times and never could get it to post. I'm hoping this will post. Don't know what the problem is.

I love the images ...love to come here and look.


It loks as though you had a wonderful holiday. I wish you a Happy New Year and a creative holiday.

Rini Boer

I wish you a happy New Year and lots of creativity !
XOX Rini

Judy Wilkenfeld

Everything looks gorgeous. Wishing you the happiest and creative of New Years.

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