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November 10, 2008


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Roxanne you do the most beautiful, heartfelt posts...

My to do list. In 2009 I am going to journal for myself. I keep putting it off as I dont know my "style" if that makes any sense. I love so many things, nature, sombre colours, bright colours, a real mish mash...so I dare say my journal will be a real mish mash of things that delight me at the time.
Thanks for this wonderful post and helping me come to that decision.
I love the photos your daughter has taken in the park, truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Jacky xox


happy thanksgiving, to you too!
thanks for all the blessings.

Ann Christine Dennison

I am speechless, this is such a beautiful and touching post!


What a visually stunning and emotionally inspiring post!


Roxanne - I always enjoy your art images, but sometimes your photos just knock me out - this one of the red leaves in the water is one of those images - stunning! AND the leaves in the pond - beautiful.

Debbie W

Dear Roxanne,

The more that I visit your blog, the more I receive from it.(and you, of course!) For that I am extremely grateful, my friend. Your daughter's photos are gorgeous, as is she! What a beautiful daughter you have. From what I can see, she does look a lot like her mom!

This post is such a blessing. I love the idea of making a "This I will do" list. I am going to think about that and put one together myself.


Susan Tuttle

These photographs are just stunning! I love the one of your daughter.

Such wonderful, poetic sentiment!


Shirley Ende-Saxe

Here's another:

Just enough is plenty!

Thanks for recent comments on the blog, the trip was a retirement ambition and it was all I thought it would be!

Kathleen Botsford

Roxanne, of course you would have a beautiful and talented daughter! Why am I not surprised? Thank you for the gifts you continue to share with us.


just lovely...all of it...I have not been able to blog visit and am trying to catch a few quick peeks.

breathing it in deeply here...


lovely lovely colors. I love the fall, the color of it, the smell of it. It is my favorite. and we dont get those colors here.


Well, I echo your feelings about the artist/crafter community. We are an open, supportive group. I am enjoying your blog so much. Gratitude is something that could really heal us in so much of our lives. Thank you for talking about that, and for sharing such beautiful images!


What a beautiful post and idea to go along with it. I feel so serene when I am viewing your blog.
Thanks for visiting me and your kind words.
Have a week filled with beauty.

Karen - An Artists Garden-Studio

Roxanne - this is a wonderful post, and I will heed your call.
(Sorry my last comment was signed in with my garden life :) )


you're beautiful*

if i say more, i will ruin the mood you made inside me. Thank you~ ****

Crafty Green Poet

beautiful words and photos, lovely post


Roxanne - Thanks for visiting my site so I could have the opportunity to visit yours again! What gorgeous pictures of Lithia Park. I have only seen it in the summer and look what i have missed!! This is so funny, but the story I am writing for Nanowrimo takes place in Klamath Falls, a place I have never been. I was inspired by an old photo album I bought. There are pictures of Klamath Falls in the 1920s and I've been doing a bit of online sluething through K-Falls newspapers. Maybe I will pick your brain - when you have time (if ever). - jeanne

nelda ream

This is so beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration. I will follow your lead and begin making a This I Will Do list today.


Such a beautiful and inspirational entry, thank you Roxanne.

All of your daughter's photos are stunning, I adore the wrought iron chair against the brightly coloured leaves.

annette emms

Oh Roxanne, thank you. This post is, as we say over here, 'just what the doctor ordered'!
Beautiful pictures and sentiments, bless you for passing this around.


Your photos are so beautiful and I love this post as well - a great idea to make the *list*. Have a wonderful week!


..I will be a creator and not a reactor....I love that line. What a great idea, a "This I will do " list, and such a rich wonderful post to inspire me. Rich in colour, art and ideas.

Margaret Ann

OOOOH MY! Shivers and smiles are all over me...this is elegant and so beautiful...every inch of it beautiful and touching the the core of one's spirit!

I must make a habit of visiting you...this I will do! LOL! :)


i was just thinking the same thing as the above commenter! I love seeing your blog pop up in my bloglines because I know I'm in for a visual feast and nourishing morsels for my spirit.

I love this one: Find joy in loving and being loved.


I echo what Lynne says. Such a beautiful post. Every time I visit your blog I really do feel like I am entering a special place that just nurtures creativity and celebrates life. Thank you!


roxanne, this is such a beautiful post... how do you do it? so many beautiful posts in a row!

yes, yes, and yes again... here's to creating and not reacting. thank you for reminding me...


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