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July 06, 2008


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Kathleen Botsford

Yes! The bales of hay! France seems so much more romantic than the Chicago suburbs. I must put on my rose colored glasses and appreciate where I am planted now. Thank you for always reminding me of the beauty in our own ordinary worlds. Thank you for sharing your art and your beautiful spirit.


such beauty. those hay bales made me stop and stare; the breadth of infinity kind of gets witnessed. Love your photo by the stones, and those two in the door, great images that the journals really capture beautifully.

hope you have a great day full of silence creativity and dancing !



I want to be lost forever in that post. Or in your journal, so beautiful and evocative of place...

Treasure indeed. Delighted to have found you.


Great travel journal. Thanks for sharing your art and a piece of your life!


spectacular to see France through your eyes and lovely journal pages...always inspiring. You and your brother have the same beautiful smiles!!


I remember this post from the first time you uploaded it. Both the photographs and the artwork are so beautiful and serene. And so wonderful to see photos of your family here. Definitely a treasure.

Fine Bessot

Dear Roxane, I read with attention your article on the Dordogne, it is the region of France that I appreciate a lot. I hope in one year or two to settle down there and to live near Sarlat. Maybe you will return there? I kiss you.

Leslie M.

Your journal pages and photographs are both stunning. I loved them the first time and enjoyed seeing them again just as much. Makes me want to go back to the very beginning of your blog and read it all again!

Ginny Gaskill

I follow your blog and just want to say I love your jounaling. It is so rich and expressive.


lovely sketches and fabulous pictures
enjoyed meeting you from seths list

Monica Magness

Just an amazing recapture of HOW IT MUST have felt to be journaling your way through France! I breathed in deeply each glimpse inside your stay, and am thrilled to soak up the pages of your sketches!

Kelly Jeanette

You have such an interesting blog. Your journal is beautiful and colorful. And the photos of France are awesome.

mary ann

Roxanne, Your choice of this Buried Treasure is amazing. What a wonderful experience...your photos express your connections with family, with this land. Your sketchbooks are FULL of impressions, sights and sounds...thank you for sharing.


What a treasure to have been to that beautiful Dordogne region of France. These posts have been so magical to see- each one a beautiful tapestry of your travels- and your pictures are so colorful and majestic. Your brother's words to you are as much a treasure as all of your trip. Hold on to them. So glad to be able to go back in time with you through this post. I wrote comments on the other posts- so I could capture my thoughts for each one. Thanks for sharing all of these wondrous memories!


This is the post I would have chosen too. Your journal pages about your stay in France have stayed with me since the first posting.

caterina giglio

the combination of your wonderful work and the photos are simply gorgeous, really felt like I traveled a bit with you! thanks for sharing!


Lovely, delicate drawing! The colours and content make me feel like I can *almost* smell and feel what it would be like there. Wonderful stuff. SO many amazing talents revealed by Seth's "Buried Treasure".

Rini Boer

I wish that I once can make art likes this !
Sorry for my bad English !
Rini - the Netherlands

Barbara Jacksier

Your trips and photos couldn't be more inspiring. Viewing your travels through your journal pages is an incredible gift. Thank you.


And yes! That field is quite surreal. It reminds me of Dali's Meditative Rose!



Roxanne, What a beautiful trip this must have been. I adored all the pictures and sharing. Your images drawn in your journal are fantastic. They remind me of treasure maps. I do hope to visit France someday indeed.

Susan Tuttle

Your journal is breathtaking Roxanne - I especially love the bird!

Great music by Ari Hest!



Roxanne, I love the Sth of France too. So picture perfect.
Off to Provence again for Xmas, know it will be cold , but I like the seasons.
Love your watercolors, you inspire me, aloha Lilla


How beautiful! Inspiring for an artist, I'm sure! Thanks for stopping by my blog when I was sick. I'm trying to catch up slowly, but I'm very far behind, so it will take some time to get back into a routine. Have a great weekend.


This post is breathtaking Roxanne. The paintings in your journal are stunning and this journal is going to be such a treasure for you. The photographs really capture the beauty of your visit. Must have been quite the experience. I look forward to hearing and seeing more.

My Castle in Spain

You make me miss la Douce France !

i love this field and your sketchbook is fabulous !

and thank you for your visit and sweet comment


Wow... you have some fantastic work here! Just wonderful!


I am sighing here....such lovely images and drawings, has such a soothing feeling.

That image of the bales, simply perfect!



those are great renderings! you have the perspective on them just right. perfect - and not an easy feat!


That journal of your's is a masterpiece. I'm so enjoying reading about your trip and almost walking in your footsteps.

gwen Buchanan

What a fabulous post, Roxanne... everything about it.. amazing photographs...

your paintings are simply so delicate and descriptive and romantic.. just love the whole thing... You must have had the most relaxing time, with plenty of time to reflect on all the subjects. It shows!!


Your journal paintings are beautiful. I loved looking at them. Have a good day!


Hi Roxanne,
Your photos are so evocative of the brilliant beauty of southern France, and they bring my last summer's visit to Isseagac to my mind with incredible clarity.


very beautiful and inspiring pictures which I shall study in depth wneh I have more time.(My accounts beckon!)thank you for your visit.

Annette Emms

Roxanne, this is so lovely. Your photographs and sketches transport me to France.I can almost feel the warmth of the sun on my face (almost, because it's cold and wet here in summertime England).
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, thank you.

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