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Sage Place at beautiful Bandon by the Sea


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I am evolving as a painter. I love the process of changing a canvas or a piece of wood into a new creation. I enjoy using texture in my work, sand, paper products or gels. I like my work to look old and glazed.
As an illustrator for my nature journals I love the same process except using a piece of watercolor paper instead of a canvas for my background. This work is more delicate and detailed. I like to sketch and study more than one plant or animal on one page and include my writing in the art.
As a middle school art teacher I am also evolving, learning and trying new things, helping my students create their own art journals and delighting in their imagination.
My writing is descriptive, often about the Klamath River in Oregon, my family or my life as an artist and a teacher.
I would like this website to be a reflection of my journey and a way to communicate with others who share my love of nature and art.


mixed media art, collage, encaustic painting gardening, dancing, reading, writing, photography, paintings, art of all kinds, journals, illustrations, drumming...