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April 17, 2013


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Roxanne! an online workshop!!

You are a whirlwind right now. I love the pieces above, but particularly Path To the Sky, and Through the Mist.

Kim Henkel

Oh Roxanne, what an overflowing beautiful post, so full of things to comment on. Congratulations on the amazing work you have created for the show with Seth... your two workshops sound amazing, and I would love to join in. And another beautiful on line workshop in the makings. AND a huge congratulations on the retirement of your husband!
best wishes for a wonderful week

Donna Watson

Congratulations on all your workshops and your gallery show... best wishes.. your encaustics are wonderful.


Left behind- a gorgeous piece,LOVE it Roxanne- and love the other art pieces ,both your own and the ones made with Seth Apter- all so amazing-
A beautiful win from your friend ,too- a comforting pillow, -how wonderful!
Tree of life is a wonderful take ,-of a living tree!
All so inspirering-thankyou, AND hugs,Dorthe

Marie Danti

The photos of your collaboration with Seth are wonderful! Best of luck with the show! I'm sure it will be stunning.


Always exciting to see new workshops happening! Also great to see so much textural exploration - these pieces are stunning.
Lovely post and good luck with those workshops!


Beautiful work! I really love the rusted bits
:-). Wish I could come to the klamath Falls class with you, that is where we put my mother to rest just 7 months ago. I am from Oregon, for some reason I missed that you live there. I grew up in Portland.
Have wonderful fun at your workshops and have a great show. xoxo

Judy Shreve

Roxanne - all your work is so lovely - you do have lots going on these days! Hope spring finds you soon.

Joanna Pierotti

Boy Roxanne, you are a busy one. I can't wait to see your garden pictures this year. I love to garden also but can't seem to find my way with it here in AZ. Calif. was always so perfect for it. Lovely post and wonderful photos. So glad you won one of those comfort pillows from Elizabeth. I saw the one Leslie had and they are wonderful. xoox jojo

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