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January 30, 2013


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Oh I did so enjoy this and I would love to work with textures , objects and fabric ...I have never done this before. Your post really was vibrant and encouraging!


"I reach for color" seems so life affirming. I love love the peppers photo, all the beautiful wealth of color we toss off everyday.

The idea of the rivers and high hills around you thawing and opening sounds like such a sigh, a sound of freeing and opening the flow of life ... its a gift to me.

pat q

i just found your site, via a comment on Seth's. What a lovely tour of words and pictures. Love the ideas of find colors wherever and temporarily creating out of what is laying around. Thank you. I will be visiting again.

Kim Henkel

Sigh... a beautiful, beautiful post. Lovely words, and images mingling together so perfectly. I have come and enjoyed it a number of times since you have posted it, and felt a need to come and see again today. Now that I have I am off to do some creating of my own.
AND YES - piles and bits and pieces of different projects EVERYWHERE! (and I love the peppers... not wierd, beautiful) xo Kim


Love how you see colour in the everyday making it magical.

Your work for your upcoming show looks amazing. Best of luck with the show.

Cheers Patti


I am so glad the peppers got to you! They got to me too. I was worried I might be a little weird but they were pretty!

Joanna Pierotti

Love your post Roxanne. Teach me to blog like you :) That would make a great class in itself??? The peppers got me!!! I love how you see everything. xoox jo


Thanks! Spectacular is such a big word, I will try to live up to it!!


So good to hear from you!
I need to drink in all your super blog has to offer.
Yes, really looking forward to the workshop
so I can glean some super ideas from you
and share some of mine too.
Have a super weekend!

mary ann

What a nice winter passage...magical indeed! Your last three photos take my breath away...in a good way! More magical days ahead!

caterina giglio

what a great collaboration this will be, and yes, piles and bags and boxes... lol!


Another magical post. So exciting for me to see the work you have done on our panels. They are looking spectacular. I cannot wait to be able to see them in person!


What an inspiring post Roxanne, I love all the speckle of blues in your photos. I can feel the joy of collecting and using them in your artwork - Hugs Nat


Such a poetic and beautiful, searching post, dear Roxanne. Maybe the search for spring, with all the vibrant and gorgeous colours she bring.
Your amazing photoes and amazing art creations-follow each other, and becomes one!
Hugs and xx


There is beauty in well used art tools.... though perhaps we (who create art) are the only ones who see it. Lovely images, texture and winter colours in this post. I'm drawn to a winter palette.

Judy Shreve

What a beautiful post - I could 'feel' your colors and your joy in working!


Love love love your palette, Roxanne!

No...no piles... Neat freak. :)

lyle baxter

lovely! I do enjoy what little goodies you find to use in your work!

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