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February 20, 2010


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i came across ur blog incidentally and m now in love with it.
i think u r a very sensitive artist. all the best for your new book

Gaby Bee

WOW this book looks amazing! Congrats! You should be very proud, Roxanne! I am really thrilled for you. Wishing you all the best!
Gaby xo


What time is your drawing???? I keep checking in but don't see the results yet. And the winner is?????????????????


Joanie Hoffman

How absolutely gorgeous!
I posted a picture & blurb on my blog.

anna powell

You did it!
Congratulations Roxanne!!!
It's beautiful...

gwen buchanan

oh Roxanne, your book is delightful!!!
I am so glad to see it come to fruition... congratulations!!!


You were so right. The cover has made this book more beautiful than I ever imagined. Can't wait to see it. I put a link on my facebook, does that make me entered in the drawing (just kidding)? Love you.


Oh wow! I am so thrilled for you Roxanne! Congratulations !!!
Your book looks absolutely delightful. I will put a link in my sidebar right now. (Holding thumbs and doing the lucky dance, hoping and wishing .....)

Leslie M.

Oh boy Roxanne. I'm sending my check out tomorrow! This looks beautiful. Congratulations!



Your Song is a beautiful expression of your life and appreciation of nature, Roxanne! Congratulations on publishing your book, making your dream come true!!
May success follow you like the currents of the Klamath river!

Karen D

This is a beautiful book, If I don't win the giveaway I am thinking of buying..
Thanks for the opportunity - I will post a link back to here on twitter.. my twitter name is @deldino

mary ann

Roxanne, This is too wonderful..Congratulations! The cover is great, the combining of drawing, handwriting and printed text with the unique binding is awesome!
I will find a place to mention or link your site and this new book information. Please consider me in any drawing for this book....I'm feeling especially lucky!
Mary Ann


Hi Roxanne,
I was here earlier and left a comment but had difficulty posting it with the added word spelling quiz! Beautiful work - so heartfelt and it seems to be a reflection of a warm and loving soul....aka YOU!


Well Roxanne, here I am at the end of a very long list of comments, but I want to tell you how excited I am about your book! It is simply beautiful and I want one. I will put my check in the mail tomorrow, so save me a copy.


This is wonderful, a beautiful handmade book with your gorgeous works.

I hope you have lots of copies...



Are you kidding?! I can't WAIT for my copy. I'm sending my order tomorrow, and I'm linking to my sidebar today. This is a treat.



I just want to add when I get my copy I won't be able to have stones or feathers attached because Australian customs won't allow it through the mail. I would love to order one when my next pay comes.


Oh mi god how beautiful. I love your book - hand stitched too?!

I can't wait to have a copy.

I'm entering the giveaway first.

WOW good on you

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

It's been awhile since I visited your lovely blog and I am glad I made it in time to read the good news about your book. These are really stunning pages, and I'm delighted for you. Your art is so lovely, you deserve it.

I also was looking at the pages you did in the collaboration. That dragonfly page was beyond words. The colors made your raised hand drawn dragonfly pop on the page. What a delightful page.


Roxanne, I am so thrilled for you and can't wait to get my copy.
Your book looks as wondrous as your blog! I am posting about it tonight!! I'm so happy for you.

Supria Karmakar

A big congratulations to you..your work has always been poetic and stunning to me..I can only imagine how wonderful this book is....
Wishing you all the best,

Kim Palmer

Roxanne, how exciting for you. Congratulations on the printing! What a lovely concept you have here. The handwriting and pen and ink drawings along with the watercolours have made for a beautiful and personal touch to your book.

Donna Watson

A big congratulations on having your book published-- what a wonderful accomplishment-- best wishes on its future success.

Marty Mason

Oh, Roxanne....what a little beauty you've published.


What a wonderful start to my day to read your post ~ expect an email & check from me shortly!


Jill Zaheer

Wow Roxanne- what an amazing tapestry of your writings, handwriting, painting and research of the land around you! It's such a beautiful gift for yourself- to be so accomplished. I know your dad is looking down and smiling brightly! Please reserve 2 copies for me! One for me, and one for me to give as a gift!! You are certainly blessed to have all of this talent! hugs, Jill


Hi Roxanne

Thats a wonderfully complied book on nature and really colourful too

wishing you all the success and hoping to win

Warm regds

The Adventurous Art Teacher

Congratulations... Your heart must be soaring, I'm jumping for joy for you. Enjoy!


Lovely book. Cris Artist in Oregon sent me here to see it.
Congrats on being published and I wish you much continued success.


This looks to be such a wonderful book - filled with beauty and creativity. Congrats to you. And make sure you save a copy for me!

Cris, Artist in Oregon

This is fabulous. I will have to get one of your books. We live in Southern Oregon by the South Umpqua River and see much of what you have in your book. I will see if I can post this to my blog with a link here.


I posted about it here! It looks wonderful. When I have more than .06 in my bank acct I will have to get one. Or maybe I will win (that's more positive thinking). :)

Leslie Avon Miller

Hi Roxanne - Heartfelt congratulations. I know you have worked with dedication, love and creative enthusiasm on this lovely book. What a wonderful accomplishment. In my mind's eye I see you standing on the Olympic podium and accepting your gold medal and bouquet of flowers. May I put the link to this post on facebook?



How absolutely wonderful! Your book looks like a magical place to visit! I'll be delighted to post a link on my side bar.

Wishing you well,

nancy neva

i have to figure out how to post this, but i'm ordering one for me anyway. it's a gem, i'm excited!!
as they say, the check's in the mail.
brava! to you, capturing the beauty.

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