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February 28, 2010


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Sue Silva

To my good old friend!What a beautiful page here, Roxanne! Congratulations on your new book.
Love Always, Sue Silva


My heart feels full when I visit you as well. I love you so much.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

HMM. When I tried to enter my comment, and the security numbers, typepad ate my message.

It was long and involved, talking about your daughter and her support of you and your art, about your teaching children, and about all the beauty and color on this post.

If you find my previous message, it is far better than this one.


thank you for your blog..it encourages my spirit..it really does.
love nita

Cris, Artist in Oregon

I sent you a check on Tuesday for one of your books. I hope you got it. I appreciated your comment on my blog too. Looking forward to your book. Cris


Most of all, it makes me tear up that you have your beautiful and talented Amanda to assist and support you, Roxanne. So happy for you both, that you have one another. That you appreciate and honor eachother with your loving trust.


Ann Christine Dennison

Sounds good that you are having an exhibition, I hope you post pictures :-) Your daughter is lovely and it must be wonderful getting help from her!


Really wonderful to see your life so full! Great success to you with your beautiful book...



March is indeed here and I am so excited to be the winner! I love the photo of my name in your bowl. Very zen. Lovely post so chock full of goodies! It was my birthday on the 3rd March so this is a kinda present. Thankyou for your kind words about my blog Roxanne and wow wishing you a wonderful gallery opening. Hope we see some pics.


Oh, this is a GREAt post! I love these photos.

You're right about the Perrella book. It's SO groovy!


So many delightful things to look at... your friend's Valentine hearts are sweet as are her handmade books.

All the very best to you for your upcoming show, not that you'll need it, I know it will be a success.
Congratulations to you on your book too, that is wonderful.

anna powell

You are a busy, happy woman! I enjoy being able to look at all your projects. I don't think I've seen a prettier art blog anywhere, with the exception of Lynne's of course.


Congrats to lucky Colette!

Lovely image of the handmade books in a basket and I love the stack of small paintings.


Hi Roxanne - wow what a rich and full post. So much imagery to inspire :) Congratulations on the publishing of your beautiful book, and congrats to Colette! Many thanks for your prayers of healing, they are truly appreciated.❤ Karin


congratulations on your new book Roxanne - how wonderful and the book art is also wonderful :)

Cris, Artist in Oregon

Congrats to Colette for winning a book. I will be sending off a check this week for my book. Please save me one. :))
Now I am going to go back and check out all you've posted here.

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