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February 07, 2010


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Supria Karmakar

So glad you love your book...your book was a real challenge for me spiritually and emotionally...though I enjoyed what I created in the end..the process was where I found some challenge..I think in particular as it was the last book, but your book and your pages were so magical to me...I wanted to open and look at your book all the time..I loved Jill's pages with the musical card opening what a clever idea...so when it came to my pages I choked...I have since found ways to loosen up again and find joy in creating...thanks for your patience in this time of ebb for me...supria

Ann Christine Dennison

Thanks for sharing such an inspirational book full of works of art :-)

Dianna (aka Di)

I'm glad you took time to relax and contemplate. May this coming weeking be just as peaceful for you.

The book is wonderful. I'm especially pulled in by the colors, textures & images on the first page.


Hi lovely. What a beautiful work of art your book is. So many talented artists and a beautiful theme.


The book is beautiful. I can imagine how strange it would feel to be home now on a weekend. All my best to you.


Roxanne, this book is so lovely. I love dragonflies, and your treatment is really beautiful.
It's been a week since you posted this, and I've been so busy I have not been visiting my blog friends. I hope you are feeling good today, and strong and bolstered by friendship.


amazing beauty and depth to these pages

I am so very sorry for your loss!


These earth tones are beautiful treasures.
I wish you peace as you transition through the ever shifting time and landscape of life passages.

Donna Watson

I have been following the book's progress and process on several blogs including Seth's.. so earthbound and so beautiful.
check out the workshops at Sitka Center. org most of them also involve the earth, ecology and art spirit.


The finished book is wonderful, I love how full of every participant it is...



oh these pages are so beautiful, roxanne... the colors so soft and muted - yet still vibrant.

i'm happy that now you can have restful weekends... and proceed in this growing/evolving that we do here...



Carmelina Lounsbury

i looked for your follow button...do you even have one because i would really like to follow you and your artful life...?

let me know..



And you are brought to the earth to contemplate, I guess.

It feels like an autumn type of book, so endings are all about the autumn..
Beautiful, textured work with balance and not over done.

Carmelina Lounsbury

this art journal is amazing...you seem wonderfully amazing...your site is captivating...it's nice to meet you.
I'm sorry about your loss...i lost my dad too a year and a half ago...i miss him...i have a picture of his hands....
thanks for sharing your soul, your heart is open and loving...


"Listen to the heartbeat of the earth..." For me, that line just evoked the heartbeats of all of those who have come before us. They still contain a rhythm. It's just a different rhythm than before...A freer rhythm.

Healing prayers for you, dear Roxanne. You have been on my heart, lately.


Leslie M.

This book is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the finished work here.


A wonderful book Roxanne. So glad I am now able to see the pages that were completed after I did mine. Your theme and your creative book form were both so inspiring to me. Hope you are enjoying every page.

mary ann

Perfect way to move through your weekend...the transition has begun, Spring will be here soon enough and time for new adventures. Thank you for sharing this book by collaboration...beautiful!


What a treasure to have and to hold. Beautiful earth tones and inspiration. A springboard to the next treasure.

Kim Palmer

This collaboration has been such a joy to follow. Your book is just beautiful Roxanne, what a treasure you have to keep now! I am sorry to hear of the loss of your father and cannot imagine how hard this must be for you. Warmest heartfelt wishes for peace and comfort to you.

Jill Zaheer

Dear Roxanne,
What a beautiful tribute and post to our Innerworks group and everyone's pages. It's been such a joy and gift working with you, and the pages in your book are magical, as are the pages you've made in mine. A beautiful treasure to hold- of memories, thoughts, reflections and your amazing artwork. Hugs.

caterina giglio

oh Roxanne, what a beautiful piece of art. I am certainly inspired. what an amazing thing to look through and to remember each and every artist and the hope and love they spread through the pages like jam to bread. What beauty and love. blessings!


Wow your book is so amazing! What a great collaboration. This will inspire you for years to come.



Your book is wonderful, bursting at the seams with life and creativity.

The creative process works in ways that can be very healing. Your inspiration will return when you are ready to start that new chapter.

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