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February 04, 2009


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Supria Karmakar

I can't believe I missed posting a comment on this blog post way back..sorry about that...I can't wait to receive your book to work on....I love the theme -- Earth Tones...there is such richness in this concept ...it can be interpreted in so many diverse ways...

I love the four elements you used for the front cover symbolized by the four directions...I am so looking forward to seeing all of the lovely creations created by our group ....and to add my own..thanks Roxanne for adding your magic creativity to the mix


love your oak desk with all details..your family room must be very pleasent place with such beautiful things..the book is amazing-love the colors and all..
and you and your daughter are so beautiful,you're looking as the sisters!


So wonderful to see you with your daughter!



I love seeing you in 'real life'!
This book... too great! The tones and texture, so earthy and cosmic at the same time! is that possible? Very yummy.


What a wonderful journal, beautiful, rich, golden hues...and I do love that touch of blue green.
The rose compass on the cover is beautiful as are the glimpses.

Really enjoyed your family photos. So lovely to see you and your gorgeous daughter... very happy and ease with each other. Love that Murphy too! Isnt he sweet?


Beautiful! hello--

its true, i have never seen so much blue in your work; that rusty circle is also whole, earthy, beautiful. Enjoy your family this Sunday, and the sunlight.



Roxanne, your little book looks so inviting and the size is perfect to fit comfortably in the hand. Lovely photograph of mom and daughter.


Beautiful...you two....

Your golden world is such an inspiration.


Ya'll look so beautiful and so happy together!
The pages are so amazing and the cover really struck me. It just is so dynamic, especially on the table under that golden lamp light.

red tin heart

beautiful pages...and lovely photo of your daughter and you.
xoxo Nita <3

gwen Buchanan

Roxanne, I loved the sneak peak into your book.. the cover is gorgeous and so is the setting !
Take care...

Susan Tuttle

what a gorgeous compass!

you and your daughter are so beautiful!

and that Peter Gabriel song!! -- off to add it to my playlist!

Thanks so much for your kind words and support regarding my son -- they mean a lot!


Veronica Funk

Your book is so beautiful...and thank you for the music. I watched "Shall We Dance" the other night and was reminded of the lovely song by Peter Gabriel.


your blog is very cool and interesting.
congratulations for its beautiful work
and good luck...

Karen - An Artists Garden

The book is looking lovely Roxanne - you have used one of my favorite symbols on the front and the glimpse of the inside pages is so enticing.

Jill Zaheer

Wow Roxanne, your book looks so amazing. Very excited that I'll be able to actually see and hold your book and work in it. Just recently researched the dragonfly and read about all of it's meanings- from telling us to consciously make an effort to express our hopes, dreams, needs and wishes -to representing the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment- all ever present in all your work. Jill


hi roxanne! i feel like i'm seeing you in person as i look at you here with mandy! your book is gorgeous... i love seeing it here... xxoo


Lovely daughter, Roxanne, and beautiful pages. You are so soulful and so earthy. The care you take in making your art really shows.


These pages look so special and so "roxanne." The image on the cover is fantastic on so many levels. I am so happy that this is a book I will actually get to hold and experience. Beautiful work.

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