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April 16, 2008


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Rini Boer

This is beautiful !!

Marina Capano

these photos are just amazing!!!so nice! you have a nice family and friends so cute photos too. regards


wow...these photos are just amazing...i can only imagine how much more they were in person. so very beautiful!!!


Had to come back for a little inspiration today..happy relaxing Sunday to you. I love this group of photos.



amazing photographs - such beauty and magnificence! i love the ones of your arms raised to the sky...

Ann Christine Dennison

This must have been a wonderful experience! The photos are really good and it is so nice seeing you :-)

Shirley Ende-Saxe

This post is very inspiring (as well as your art, very hopeful and authentic), my parents are still birding at the grand age of 80 and 82, so it was very special to see these shots.

Nice blog! I just retired from teaching art after 36 years, the career that is the BEST! Enjoy yours!

gwen buchanan

These are spectacular photographs.. my compliments to your son... the beauty of those creatures... this will stay with you for along time...

the colors in the photo with you in it are inspiring... they'd be great to be used together in a painting . or other art work... wow!!!


What special pictures from a special time. And the collage at the end captures the spirit of this experience so well.

Toni Brown

This post made me cry. Still am. SOOOOO good!

Maralena (aka: mcdc3s)

Oh my goodness! What great shots. I bet you had a great time. Your lucky to leave so close to a refuge. The closest one to me is in Canada... (I'm in Michigan USA)... but we have gone there several times. It is called Jack Miners Bird Santurary. I love birds and wildlife. xxx

kathy McCreedy

What an awesome experience, especially since you were with your son... the joy is almost palpable! Your daffodils in the previous post are SO beautiful... I keep hoping to walk out my front door and see some here at home... you've given me hope! Thanks so much for stopping by my site and for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment. I really appreciate it!
All my best, Kathy.


The music was playing on your site, I read your commentary and viewed the photos!!!! I spent a moment in heaven here. Thank you!



Beautiful! What memories you are creating with Chris--thank you for sharing.
:) Stacy


These are extraordinary photos--Chris has your talent. The wonder of what you saw, shared, is transmitted in these pictures. They are so beautiful, the geese, that I almost cry.

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